MLM Hot Topic: Painless Prospecting

Painless Prospecting
Are you are network marketing that is struggling to build their business? Does the idea of prospecting a cold market leave you scared and paralyzed? Would you like to learn Painless Prospecting?

As a network marketer one of the biggest struggle we face is marketing. We know what it means to network but how do you market your opportunity?

Many in the MLM industry believe that marketing is focusing on presenting the opportunity to as many people as possible. And while this is true on one level, the ultimate goal of any network marketer is to prospect and expose people to the next piece of information.

Let me explain what Painless Prospecting is…

1. Introduction to a person. At this point you don’t know if they are interested in your opportunity or products and you don’t want to come across as sales-y.

2. Ask about their job/business and you find out they are in network marketing company XYZ.  (At this point some people will start a competition battle or walk away) If you walk away you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table because you didn’t know about painless prospecting. OUCH!

3. If they respond with network marketing, ask them how business is going? Empathize, share stories, and tell them about a lead generation system that you are using that is giving you 3-5 leads a day. Ask if this is something that they would like to learn more about?

If the Answer is Yes, get their card and set a time to connect with them. Value their time and walk away.

Answer is No… cool nothing lost on your part and you walk away.

4. Not in network marketing? Perfect, are they willing and open to look at a way to produce an extra income? Collect card, set appointment and walk away!

So what is Painless Prospecting?

It’s a way to lead with value and training. As we know people like to follow people they like, know, and trust.

How many network marketers do you know that are looking for help building their business online? LOTS, right?!

So instead of convincing them my company is better than your company why not help them and get paid for it? This is how you make money whether people join you in your company or not. It is called Attraction Marketing Formula.

I have complied this 10 day bootcamp to show you step by step how to create painless prospecting.

It’s because of this training that I have been able to generate over 500 leads, recruit two new leader a month into my MLM, and pocket an extra $1,500 a month in residual income from people NOT joining my MLM.

Click HERE to Get Access This 10 Day Bootcamp

Discover the painless prospecting way to build your MLM. Your bank account will appreciate it. 🙂

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Fred McMurray

      I will pass these tips along to some friends of mine who do mlm’s. Thanks

      • Katrina

        Hi Fred! I really appreciate that! Not an easy busy but a fun one when things are painless! Looking forward to your future comments and insight!

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