MLM Hot Topic: How to Fail Online

fail onlineEveryone wants to know how to succeed online, but how does one fail online?

My story would be one of many small failures online. It began about 6 years ago. I began to fail online when I was conflicted with what old school teachings I was getting from my leaders inside my mlm.

Sitting in the training we were taught… “This is what works. Follow this system for proven success.”

So my question became, how do I find the right people to talk to?

Some of the answers were, “Go Talk to Rich People” or “Go to the Mall and talk to all the employees”, or “Just talk to anyone within 5 ft of you”.

But what about online marketing?

I was told that it was a fad. (this was only 6 years ago!!!) No one was going to use the internet to build a business. But I was determined to figure out this thing called online marketing with attraction marketing.

So after I bought Magnetic Sponsoring, which I highly recommend to anyone in the MLM industry. (If you join with me, I will teach you how to use this system to make a couple $100 a month in extra income.)

Sorry… side note… I am extremely passionate about sharing that resource. I believe everyone needs to have it.

Back to the story at hand… From there I purchased a lot of self development books. I bought courses on marketing, copy writing, recruiting, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, and also attended live events.

I was determined that one of these would reveal the secret ingredient that I was missing to build my business online. I had some success but still felt like the center puzzle piece was missing and once I had that… WATCH OUT!

This is what I learned about how not to fail online…

The System Show You How NOT to Fail Online

So what will show you how not to fail online?

After buy all my marketing courses the one thing I learned what that I needed a sales funnel.

If you are online you need to have a capture page and an offer. Send traffic to an offer and get people to sign up. The ultimate power is in your list. This is the #1 piece to your puzzle. If you are not working to build an email list you could be seriously hurting your business. Use your list to email your prospects, or even do follow up.

Email is a powerful way to stay in front of your audience and if done right you become a permission based marketer. This means that people are signing up to your lists know that they are going to get information and possibly be sold something also. I recommend Aweber as my preferred choice for auto-responders.

Heck, I get email’s from Chili’s every 3 days offering me a free dessert or appetizer. I joined their list because I saw value in the offer. Now do I go to Chili’s all the time? Nope but it is nice to know that I have this. It is a great way to make me a return customer.

That is what you want to achieve with your list. Follow up and make them a return customer. They can even be a returning customer to your blog. Create value and information that they need and fans will be flocking to return to your blog.

My favorite system by far that has taught me how to become an Elite Marketer is Elite Marketing Pro. For the beginner, just begin by sharing the links and then watch and learn how the system takes over to create you an extra residual income. For the intermediate marketer, use the tools given to you to create your own landing pages and offers. Discover how easy it is to set up an online marketing sales funnel.

At the Elite level you are taking everything you have learned inside this course and creating your own products or services. You know how to market and create a sales funnel that will sell for you 24/7. Never fail online again! Click Link to Learn More

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    • Eleanor

      Shiny Object Itus that is to funny I had not heard of it coined that way before. Great post and I love getting paid as we make mistakes the beauty of working on line. – Eleanor

      • Katrina

        Have to agree with you Eleanor. Online Marketing is the only place where I can screw up and still make money. If I had a job… I would be fired by now! LOL! Hope you have an awesome day!

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