MLM Hot Topic: How To Create Sales Video For Your Opportunity

Sales Video 1Want to get super famous in your opportunity? Create Sales Video.

I am serious! This has become one of the fastest growing tools for network marketers and home base businesses.

Video has become the ultimate game changer for those in network marketing. By using this strategy that I am about to share with you, you will crush your competition. Why? Because they’re not using it.

Video creates a trust faster than any other form of social media. It carries more weight in web rankings than a blog post. Heck even my own video’s out preform my blog posts and I am pretty good at what I do! 🙂

Let me share with you the 4 Key Strategies you need to know for creating sales video.

4 MUST HAVE components for how to create sales video.

This is the same strategy that I am using for creating my sales video and it works.

  1. What is your video about? You have less than 15 seconds before you loose your audience. 30 seconds top to get them to stay.
    • Tell them what the video is about
    • Let them know what you are going to talk about. Have 3-5 bullet points.
  2. Tell them
    • This is the meat of the video. Cover the key points
  3. Tell them what you just told them
    • Quickly recap the video. Sum it up in about 30 seconds or less.
    • Highly successful strategy that most people don’t do is recap.
  4. Call to Action – What do you want them to do next?
    • Like your YouTube Channel?
    • Go to website?
    • Click on link in the description for more info?
    • Tell them what to do next…. if you don’t then you just lost your sale.

These key strategies will keep you on track to producing amazing videos. Use it for sales, training, or whatever you can image. These 4 elements have created the most success for building my business and it will work for yours also.

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    2 replies to "MLM Hot Topic: How To Create Sales Video For Your Opportunity"

    • Loretta

      Such a timely post!!! I’ve got to make some time to do this 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!!

      • Katrina

        You will love video once you get going. It is much easier to communicate and people love to see you and feel like they are getting to know you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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