MLM Hot Topic: Attraction Marketing

Attraction MarketingAs a network marketer have you heard of attraction marketing?

What does it mean to our industry?

For years we have been taught that the success to network marketing was to go out and talk to people. Find people and just talk to them.

For me I found this difficult. I didn’t want to come across as salesy and shied away from this approach. I know you have met them… the pushy network marketer… the one that is over the top and is giving this industry a bad rap.

So I looked for another way..

I went online to find a better way to recruit people into my business and came across the term attraction marketing.

What does it mean to those of us in the networking industry is this…

  • Invest in yourself first. Develop a new skill and mindset.
  • Become of value to others and teach them what you know.
  • Lead by example and be consistent in your message.
  • Provide resources to your team

Providing Attraction Marketing Resources

As a network marketer we all struggle with the same issue, how to generate leads, recruit those leads, and how to duplicate that process.

Some of my favorite resources by far are… in no particular order… 🙂

  1. Magnetic Sponsoring – A powerful lead generation tool. Get paid to prospect. 7 Free Video to show you how.  (people will pay you to learn more about your opportunity)
  2. Black Belt Recruiting – How to hand objections and control the conversation. Learn how to have people begging to join you.  Free 60 minutes of over the top training. I was on the edge of my seat! (Love this training)
  3. Building on a Budget – Everyone has to market as a network marketer, here is a great resource to show you how to do it. Free video show you how to start building right now.
  4. Blogging Ingredients – Learn how to create your blog in under 20 minutes. Develop the right strategy and mindset for success. I believe that every network marketer should have a presence online with a blog. Not a replicated sales page… but an engaging blog. That is what I will teach you.
  5. The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki
  6. The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson
  7. CRUSH IT! – Gary Vaynerchuk

These have been invaluable resources to me and I hope they become part of your library.

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    6 replies to "MLM Hot Topic: Attraction Marketing"

    • Bonnie Gean

      Nothing works better than being a giver and/or helper and doing it with personality! People will arrive in droves when you share your personality, triumphs and failures.

      It makes the connection that you’re a person who cares, commits to helping them, and won’t stop at anything to bring value to the table.

      I loved your message! Thanks for sharing it!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Bonnie. I loved your blog post today! My goal is to help and guide. The journey so far has been incredible!

    • Denys Kelley

      Love the “attraction Marketing” and YES we do have to invest in ourselves to be the best.
      Thanks for sharing your Resources.

      • Katrina

        Always believe in sharing the best resources out there. Thank you so much for commenting Kelly! Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Deanna

      Excellent post. I’ve bookmarked it because I love that you gave real tips on sources of great information. Thanks so much for a great post. Glad to have visited your blog today. Sharing!

      • Katrina

        Always a pleasure to share! Thanks for commenting and taking time to read. Look forward to having you back!

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