MeWe really is the next generation of social network. If you have been living under a rock and not aware of all the censorship that has been taking place in the world of media marketing… then you might not have hear of MeWe till right now.

“People all over the world are leaving Facebook and Twitter in droves because they are fed up with the relentless privacy violations, surveillance capitalism, political bias, targeting and newsfeed manipulation by these companies,” MeWe’s marketing director, David Westreich, told USA TODAY.

You can read more about this article here on USAtoday In just one week MeWe gained over 2.5M members.

MeWe launched back in 2016 as an alternative to Facebook. It’s know for it’s mission of being a social network with no censorship, no ads, and no BS.

They consider themselves to be the antidote to Surveillance Capitalism that has been going on for years. Every post and every message on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazing, TikTok, and other tech giants is being used against you. They are harvesting your data to sell to the highest bidder.

You might have seen “Social Dilemma” on Netflix that exposed this very issue. For the last 2 decades media networks have been unregulated and know that to be a free networking platform, they have to sell something. And the biggest profits came from selling user data to create more targeted ads and newsfeed manipulation.

Which is what had privacy be a big draw for those wanting to network and looking for an alternative. You can learn more about MeWe’s privacy by clicking here.

If you have made it this far in my post, let me share with you the MeWe Next Gen network that you can join for free. And if you want to upgrade to premium it’s a few bucks a month. And the question to ask, “what is your privacy worth?”

MeWe Next Gen Site Overview

What I love about MeWe so far is that it is similar enough to what you are using to seeing on Facebook, that being here and connecting is pretty simple.

Yes, you are going to have to invite your friends and family to join you over here, and it might take some work. Yet at the end of the day, it might be well worth it.

Slowly but surely I am connecting with more people and building conversation again with my friends. It’s nice to reconnect and not be bombarded by ads.

There are a lot of similar features here on MeWe Next Gen that you can take advantage of:

  • Chats and Group Chats
  • Groups that are pretty amazing to creates (see video)
  • Business Pages
  • Calendar of Events that you can actually see and not have to go hunting for… just say’n.
  • You can upload your photos, images, gifs in any posts.
  • MeWe is super user friendly
  • Yes it does have an App for both iOS and Droid users.
  • Privacy setting that are easy to see and easy to use

Now just like FB I do have to make a conscience choice each day on checking in. And I will say I’m having more fun with MeWe than FB.

If you found this post helpful, please comment below. I would love to get your feedback and hopefully connect with you on MeWe.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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    4 replies to "MeWe The Next-Gen Social Network"

    • Jonas Troyer

      Great post and video Chef! Let’s keep spreading the word and growing this platform. The more users the more people will like it.

      • Katrina

        Hey Jonas, I totally agree. I keep talking about it and keep sharing it as my alternative. I would love to see more of my family and friend on the MeWe platform. πŸ™‚

    • Nnacy

      hello…I recently joined MeWe, but find it a bit cumbersome. I still don’t understand how to see the main wall with the main posts. I have joined a couple of groups with regards to my past times, blogging, crafting, and genealogy. I see their comments all the time to the point I have had to turn off the notifications. I don’t know anyone in the groups. Unlike FB where I have so many friends and followers.

      I wonder if they will make a button for MeWe for the bloggers?

      • Katrina

        Hi, based on what you’ve shared your wall (newsfeed) is going to be filled with groups because you don’t have a lot of friends and followers. It would be the same if you were to start all over on Facebook. It took time to build on FB, it will take time to build on MeWe. At this point in time, it really is about personal preference. πŸ™‚

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