Magnetic Sponsoring vs My Lead System Pro?

Today I was asked what the difference was between Magnetic Sponsoring and My Lead System Pro… besides the price?

This is truly a  great question. So I am going to break it down and let you know why I prefer the Magnetic Sponsoring method of attraction marketing.

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring was the first break through in online marketing. Created by Mike Dillard, this was the first online marketing course ever offered and geared to those in the Network Marketing Industry.

To quote Mike Dillard, ” Anything you see on the “attraction and lead generation” subject in this industry is a result of the person reading this book or MLM Traffic Formula. If this material sounds like theirs, it’s because they learned it here. Not ego, just a comforting fact that demonstrates the value found within these pages.”

Mike talks about building You, Inc and how people don’t join a business opportunity, they join YOU. If you don’t see yourself as a leader why would anyone want to be part of your team?

Mike shatters the concept of network marketing and exploded his business. All the old school ways of building a network marketing business were tossed out the window.

The ideal of a sales funnel was created and Mike shows you how to build a massive downline but it is up to you whether it is successful or not. YOU are still the key factor.

I have purchased every product Mike Dillard has created because I believe in the value that he gives. Mike always over delivers and truly believes in helping you achieve the success you deserve. Remember though, your success is build on your ability to market yourself.  So do I recommend Magnetic Sponsoring… I stake my reputation on it.

Courses Found Inside Magnetic Sponsoring: (as Elite Member you get access to all of this training with your membership)

  • Magnetic Sponsoring – Generic Lead generation system for any Network Marketer
  • Black Belt Recruiting – Learn to recruit 20 new reps a month
  • MLM Traffic Formula II – The complete guide to building your MLM business online.
  • What’s Working Now – Membership newsletter written by top MLM leaders and what they are doing right now to build their business. (Must have!!)
  • Building on a Budget – Learn how to marketing your business online even if you are on a budget.
  • The Copywriter’s Guild – Recruit without picking up the phone. Master the art of copywriting. Create a 6-figure income this year with this knowledge.
  • Ultimate Sales Funnel – Every thing you ever need to know about building a sales funnel for your business that operates 24/7.

(update 7/23) Magnetic Sponsoring just unveiled Elite Marketing Pro. A done for you marketing system that will call your leads for you, send direct mail, email auto-responser on your behalf and more. They are doing all they can to help you close more sales and make more money online.  I struggled with trying to figure out how to drive traffic to my sites for years and in 3 days Elite Marketing Pro taught me how easy it was to drive traffic! They do all the heavy lifting and then pay me 100% commission on all the sales. This is freaking ridiculous.

I made the leader board in 3 weeks and still continue to make money with this system. Tim Erway is rocking this and I am loving the community and support. I even created a mastermind group for my team so that we can support and help each other to success! This is so much fun! If you want access to this training and more to now to Elite Marketing Pro.

(Update 10/1/2014) Mike Dillard retired Magnetic Sponsoring, Black Belt Recruiting, and Building on a Budget. But in my opinion it has been replaced by even better training found inside the Attraction Marketing Formula. Grab this FREE 10 day boot camp and learn more.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

The leaders of My Lead System Pro have all read Magnetic Sponsoring. They loved the concept of affiliate marketing to help cover the cost of marketing your MLM opportunity. So they decided to build a lead generation system based on the principals learned in Magnetic Sponsoring.

They got the top leaders in the MLM industry that understood and applied Mike Dillard’s methods. They created a system that  shared only the best training in the network marketing industry. The created a members only community, in this community the members got only the best value possible. Members learned the ninja tactics that are actually working right now!

The members inside MLSP get a key to the vault of knowledge. Every single way to market is dissected and presented in bit size pieces. Leaders are holding your hand and showing you how to build your downline faster than you ever thought possible. Want to know how to build a business with Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Article Marketing, YouTube, and a half dozen other ways?

Want to find the leader that is right for you? The person that will help you on the road to success. You might just find them in the community of MLSP.

My only beef with MLSP is that because there is so much training and weekly webinars, you can spend months chasing a better way to do business and never grow your business.

They are all about promoting affiliate products, training, and webinars. So if you like learning this is a great community to be part of.

What Do Both Have In Common?

Both Magnetic Sponsoring and MLSP give you the opportunity to build an income while building you network marketing company. They show you how to stop throwing your money away.

The massive amount of take away from both the courses and the system are beyond description. Your challenge is going to be picking just ONE method.

I have faith that you will succeed. If you are reading this post it is because you want to build and have a massive downline. You want to be successful and I congratulate you for taking the time to educate yourself. That is the sign of a true leader.

If I was to start over and I would still choose Magnetic Sponsoring and My Lead System Pro. Both offer the very best value and training.

You get out what you put in. If you learn, apply, learn, apply, learn, apply…. you will find the road to success.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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