Magnetic Sponsoring: Generating Endless Leads for Life In Any Business

The hype about Magnetic Sponsoring it true. I cannot tell a lie and I can’t make things up.

Back when I first got into network marketing or direct sales as it is called these days, I struggled. I knew there was a market of people looking for the product I had in my hands and I knew they were online. So I went searching online about 6 years ago looking for someone to teach me internet marketing.

magnetic sponsoring Mike DillardBack then there wasn’t a lot of people teaching attraction marketing to network marketers. Until I stumbled across a course called Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.

Like you I was extremely skeptical about buying a course the promise to teach me how to generate endless leads. It almost sounded too good to be true. The good news is that they are giving away 7 free video’s that explain how you can generate endless leads for life. So OF COURSE I signed up.

From that moment I was hooked. The 7 free videos were outstanding and gave me tons of valuable information. I bought the course and never looked back. The teaching and mindset that was created was something that has stayed with me forever. Even when I went crazy buy shiny objects online, you know these, promises of a better way to build your business, I never forget what I learned from Magnetic Sponsoring.

It was the concept of attraction marketing that drew me. The idea that I could present an offer of education and people would pay me to learn and find out more about my direct sales company.  This idea was so foreign to me the first time I heard it. It went against everything my upline was teaching me.  I was to recruit only people that wanted my direct sales company.

I decided to follow my heart and I began the journey of learning about internet marketing. This is when I bought a lot of shiny objects! The good news is, these shiny objects all contained nuggets of gold in them. So for spending a lot of money I did get a good education.

But I felt I came in full circle and this circle lead me right back to Magnetic Sponsoring. All my education and training began right here. The shiny objects that I bought were because leaders took the marketing strategy found here inside Magnetic Sponsoring and created.

So I committed to learning Magnetic Sponsoring and actually put what I am learning into practice. For the first time ever I am generating leads, even when I am asleep. I have recruited more distributors in 60 days than I have in 5 years. It is all about having a marketing strategy and learning from the Elite, Magnetic Sponsoring.

I am blessed to be part of the Magnetic Sponsoring family and look forward to teaching you how to use this amazing tool to help build your business. If you would like access to the 7 free video just click here on >>>>Magnetic Sponsoring<<<<

Tim Erway and Chef KatrinaHere is a picture of me hanging out with the CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring, Tim Erway!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    4 replies to "Magnetic Sponsoring: Generate Endless Leads for Life"

    • Donovan

      Thank you for sharing your story and lead generation idea. Your “Chef Katrina” and “Tenacious Entrepreneur” titles are awesome! Keep up the great work!

      • Katrina

        My pleasure. Always like sharing what works. Can’t promote what isn’t helping me build my business. 🙂 But Magnetic Sponsoring is teaching me so much and helping me create an extra income too.

    • Dayna Camp


      Magnetic Sponsoring is such a great book! One of the first on the topic when the concept on the internet came out. Great review!

      • Katrina

        Hi Dayna! It really was one of the first books. I think I purchase it almost 6 years ago. The teachings still hold true today. Care more about others and become a value leader and the doors will open. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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