Magnetic Sponsoring – Everything You Need to Know

Spilling my guts here about Magnetic Sponsoring. Some of this will not be pretty, could be a little harsh, but it is all truth.

My story begins about 5 years ago when I was first introduced to Reliv International. I had just been promoted to Sous Chef, entry level management, and the world of network marketing. My mom did a great job on sharing with my 5 brothers and sisters and her entire family. So I talked with the few people I worked with. My internal struggle was that I as now a “leader” and I had lots of hourly employees and I didn’t feel right sharing Reliv. Some ethical issues of blurring the line and a policy called fraternization.

Can’t share with guest that I serve food to, so who can I share Reliv with? Who can I talk to about the business opportunity?

Like you I turned to the web. I was starting to hear words like geology lists, cold calling, lead generation, and online marketing. But what did it all mean and how could I use it to build my business?


I called my upline, their response… “Make a list…call them”. Ugh, I just didn’t want to chase people down. Why did network marketing have to be so hard. All I have to do is find 3 people who find 3 people… what am I not doing right???? Why can’t people see what a great opportunity this is? Why do I feel like I am pulling teeth!!!!

Frustration and wanting to give up just about set in…until

Hi! Magnetic Sponsoring!!!!

Once I got my hands on this book and started reading I was blown away! I got my hands on their next course called, Black Belt Recruiting, and became a bigger fan. I was learn a whole new way to recruit people that was EASY! Finally I can stop begging people to join me and have people kicking and screaming to join me! I told my upline, they said…”that’s nice” (it was like a pat on the head).

Okay so my upline didn’t care… so I shared with my sideline… “that’s nice” (another pat on the head) grumble

So I told the one person in my downline, “You mean I have to spend more money??? I not making any with this Relv business, so I don’t have any more money to spend. Sorry”

Uggghhhhhhh! Holy Cow! I had the door repeatedly slammed in my face. Made me feel kinda alone, but determined that Magnetic Sponsor was an important tool that every network marketer needed to have. Maybe now was just not the right time. Maybe I needed to build my downline first….. (stupid, stupid, stupid…. [I say this now looking back])

So how was that for some brutal honesty?! I am laying it out for you. I was right where you were, but the moment I made the committment to do something different is when my business began to grow and my dreams became my life. I no longer wish for things, I make them appear and make them happen.

So if you are willing to commit. If you are willing to embrace the teachings of magnetic sponsoring and join me at the Elite Level where you will have access to all the training to become a millionaire and more… Click this link right now!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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