Get Back on Track with Your Home Based Business

Like many of you I struggled with staying focused on my home based business.

When I first got into network marketing I wanted to learn how to market online. So I bought every course thinking it was going to be my magic solution.

It didn’t quite work out that way. I started buying every new “shiny” course out there.

Throwing money away, because what I have finally realized…

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    1 Response to "Losing Focus in Your Home Based Business?"

    • Brad

      Comming from the restaurant business (17 yrs) I completly understand all the distractions! I too struggle keeping focused now that I am home full time! I never really was a goal setter…until just a few days ago! Being in the Network Marketing, MLM business I have found out about all the “shiney” push button systems. What really helped me focus was actually deleting my email account….sounds crazy, I know! I found myself spending hours looking at ALL those “shiney” email headlines. Now I do not have to worry about those mental focusing roadblocks. Mindset is key for a Home Based Business owner such as myself. Multi Level Marketing does take some quality training. I have yet to get myself a calander….I just have 100 or so note books full of notes that I despiratly need to organize! Thanks again for sharing your tips on mental focus Chef Katrina! You ROCK!!

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