how to blog for profitAs we continue on with our series how to blog for profit as a network marketer part 3…

Today we are focusing on the details. Some of the key ingredients bloggers need to have on their blog if they want to create any kind of success.

These are simple items, some of them can be a plugin, widget, or lead magnet. But each of the items I mention is important and I will explain why as I share them with you.

But first a review of the past two days.


Day 1 we covered the 2 key ingredients to think about when deciding that you want to create a blog. And something to remember as a network marketer.

Day 2 I showed you exactly what you need to do to start blogging. It really was that simple. There is a very good reason I recommend this for all network marketers.

Which leads us to today. The 5 key elements your blog requires…

How to Blog For Profit Key Elements

1. Aksimet – This is a plugin I recommend every blogger have. There is no way to avoid or not have someone try to spam your site. This free plugin is fantastic for storing all the junk comments in a folder so they aren’t see by your audience. All that is required of you. Every now and then bulk trash your spam folder.

2. Social Media Sharing – If you readers are coming to your blog and they like your content give them every opportunity to share your blog post! I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a blog post, want to share it, and they have NO social media share buttons. It’s like they are trying to hid from everyone.

And don’t hide your social share icons either. If your reader has to hunt for them, you have already lost the reader. There is a free blog platform that suffers from this and it drives me crazy! Hence why I mention my warning to network marketer in day 2.

3. Allow Comments – Search engines give you higher ranking if you have mass engagement on your blog. You WANT people to comment and interact with your site!

I stumbled across an amazing blog post with terrific information and they had no share buttons and no place to comment. Was so annoyed I hunted the person down on social media to vent my frustration. Needless to say… they had a comment form by the end of the night!

4. Lead Magnet – This is an offer exchange for an email address. Could be as simple as giving away a pdf, webinar, podcast, ebook, or whatever you can imagine. You will want to place this lead magnet on the right hand side of your blog in the side bar above the fold.

I share a lot of great lead magnets with my blogging students and even include a couple of them inside my Blogging Ingredients training course. If you are series about build a list with your blog you have got to have a compelling lead magnet. Key to the success of how to blog for profit.

5. Affiliate Products – Become an affiliate for a product or service that your reader wants. Being able to host a widget for an affiliate product is a great way to bring in an extra income to your home.

Example: If you are a network marketer I highly recommend Magnetic Sponsoring as an affiliate product to promote. A training course every network market can benefit from and when you share your excitement about this training you get a commission. How cool is that!  Extra money!

How to Blog For Profit Is Simple

What I have just shared with you is simple. There is no magic trick, no get rich scheme. Just simple tools to use to build your blog, brand, and business.

Everyone wants to over complicate things but the basics of blogging for profit are simple.

– Learn

– Do

– Teach

Become a servant leader and a value provider. These simple ingredients contain the power for creating a blog that will get you more traffic, leads, and more distributors into your opportunity.

Tomorrow we cover the simple layout of a blog post. I will share with you my favorite plugin for learning and applying SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. See you tomorrow!

What was your biggest take-a-way from this post? Please share your comments below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Jaye Carden

      These are some great tips. I use all of them, and I am glad I learned about the widget to block out spam. I get about 500 spam comments a day now, and the more posts I write, the more they grow every day. Thanks a lot for the plugin suggestion!

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