Jessica Brace Video Marketing Coach

I met Jessica Brace Video Marketing Coach about 3 months ago. I happened to come across an email that mentions that she would be in the area talking about YouTube Marketing. This was an area that I wanted to get into so I attended her 1-day event.

It started at 10am and I got lost and ended up in the wrong place. I was still committed to going so I got directions to the right location and arrived almost an hour and a half late.

Jessica was amazing and welcomed me into class. I felt like I was meant to be there. A lot of what she covered I knew but still picked up a ton of information. And unknown to me, she had brought her video recording studio to the location and we had the opportunity to shoot a video. Holy Cow!!

So I got the opportunity to do a studio video with all the right lightening and recording equipment. It was sooooo cool.

Loved her presentation so much I asked her to be one of my key speakers for my Mastermind University. Instead she ended up being one of my keynote speakers for my Small Business Mastermind Expo. Again, I learned something new. She radiates energy and is amazing to be around.

Video Marketing CoachShe was doing a 3 day Video Marketing Weekend for about $2000 and I was all in. I couldn’t wait to learn from a student of Frank Kern’s.

The weekend was amazing! We broke boards, ate fire, made video’s, and masterminded. It was the perfect blend of mindset and marketing.

Fast forward 3 months…. and today I attended her video mastermind 1 day update. More training and more awesome information.

Jessica Brace Video Marketing Coach gets high recommendations from me. Check out this video.

Why Jessica Brace Video Marketing Coach?

Jessica is published in Frank Kern’s training program for youtube marketing. She is part of the Tony Robbins team and has had her owned website design company and is just brilliant. Her focus is on teaching others the power of YouTube and how to use it to build your business.

If you are looking for a video marketing coach, the one you want is Jessica Brace, YOUR video marketing coach.

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