Where do you start with Facebook marketing?

Most of us want to use Facebook Marketing to build our business but honestly you don’t know where to start. I can totally relate, it wasn’t so long ago that I struggled with Facebook Marketing. I made many of the same mistakes you are probably making right now. The good news is that you can change what you are doing and save friendships and family from blocking your posts or un-friending you all together.

Facebook page vs Facebook Business (Fan) page

Most of us, including myself at one point, use our personal facebook page as a way to promote our business. We share our exciting product and business opportunity and we think everyone is “liking” what we have to share. We can’t wait to get our friend and family involved in this new home business opportunity! So we just keep posting and posting and sharing and it is the only thing we are talking about. Who cares about the husband, kids, dinner, parents, dog, cat, … and anything else in our lives. Our friends on facebook only want to hear about our opportunity!

Put on the BRAKES!!!

Your personal facebook should be just that, personal. Use it for sharing pictures and things that are going on in your life. You can let people into your facebook page or keep them out. The choice is still yours.

Now as for the Facebook business page… Now this in my cup of tea! This is a page that you create and share…, you guessed it…, your business! Why is it so important to have a Facebook Fan (Business) page?

  1. People “Like” your page because they are interested in your business opportunity and want to learn more.
  2. The “Insight” on your fan page is priceless. Learn what demographic likes your page. Where are they from? Language? Male or Female? Age group? (Priceless tool) And it is FREE!
  3. The ability to promote or create an ad for your business. Build your reach of who you are connecting to for less than $5 a day!

There is tons of FREE information that Facebook Insight gives away everyday. Which posts are ranking higher. What do people what to see from your Facebook Fan page. How to you get people to interact and engage in your post. It is all there at your finger tips.

I know some of you want some more in-depth training on Facebook and Pay-Per-Click. You want to see results by having a Facebook Fan Page. You want to see your Facebook Marketing effort rewarded with leads. customers, and money in your pocket. Well, I am going to share a little secret with you… shhhhhh!

I didn’t master Facebook Marketing on my own. I actually went out and found the top guru that was using Facebook marketing to build her business and was teaching others how to do it also. We are talking step-by-step navigational directions of building a huge business using just Facebook Marketing. I paid over $100 to attend the event she was live at and then invested in her course “Social Media Mastery” This was the best decision I ever made. The course has been a constant resource for me. The great thing about Michelle Pescosolido is the she over delivers on value. You only need to buy the course once and she is constantly going into her course and updating with all the new changes that are taking place on Facebook. The course is never out of date… unlike some books out there. This is a priceless course and one I recommend if you are serious about using Facebook Marketing to build your business.

The information is great for all different types of businesses. It can be used for anyone and anything. The principles are the same.

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