Image Branding for Online Marketing

So what does image branding for online marketing look like? This was a hot topic today in my mastermind group.

As an online marketer image is everything. It is more that just your brand, it is also what you say and how consistent your message is.

The worst thing you can do is say your brand is your network marketing company. It’s not.  (Don’t argue)

Reasons Your MLM is NOT your brand.

  1. You don’t own the company
  2. At anytime your upline could leave and take some of your team with them.
  3. At anytime your company could be shut down or fold

Then where is your income coming from?

As an online marketer you need to be focused on branding yourself as a leader. I use a method called attraction marketing. Very effective for building your business online.

In today’s video I talk about branding and the #1 thing you don’t ever want to do with your branding image.

So How Do You Build Your Brand for Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a world of connect the dots. If I play on facebook and google+ will I see your image on both?

For your brand you have to have an image of yourself or company that is consistent across all social media sites. The reason for this is because most people recognize an image before a name. So people see your image on facebook, twitter, youtube, and it is all the same, you’re building your brand.

The other key tool is to make sure you are consistent in your message. Don’t be talking about a sale at your local mall today and online marketing tomorrow, and bears on roller skates the next. You will appear unfocused and people will stop following you.

Get focused now on who you want to become and make it a point to stay congruent with that image and message.

Become the person people want to associate with. Who do you want to rub elbows with? Who are your mentors?

Your main goal with your brand is to be consistent. Be yourself because if your network marketing company should go away or you decide to change, your brand will always stay with you.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Hope you have a beautiful day and I will see you on the next blog post!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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