As I face a new world of opportunity with my life and business… there is always this little bit of fear.

“Am I good enough”

“Will anyone buy my training?”

“I’ve been away for a year… I’m gonna have to start over”

“What if I screw this up?”

“Geez, what are my family and friends gonna think?”

“I’m not sure this is a good idea…”

All this conversation is floating around in my head, and it doesn’t serve me. And if you are dealing with the same kind of fear, it doesn’t serve you either.

What I am about to share with you is something I came across years ago. I don’t know the author. This was posted in my bathroom to remind me every morning that I am more than fear.

Today I share this with you, hoping to shift the state of anything you fear or whatever is holding you back.

Wishing you an amazing day!

I Am Fear!

What are you afraid of, and what does it cost you? Today, I want to read one of the best descriptions of fear I have ever heard. I don’t know where I got this quote originally, but it is one of the best definitions I know, and it seems to be appropriate for the day and age in which we are living:

“I am Fear. I am the menace that lurks in the paths of life, never visible to the ey but sharply felt in the heart. I am the father of despair, the brother of procrastination, the enemy of progress, the tool of tyranny. Born of ignorance and nursed on misguided thought, I have darkened more hopes, stifled more ambitions, and shattered more ideals and prevented more accomplishments than history could record.


Like the changing chameleon, I assume many disguises. I masquerade as caution. I am sometimes known as doubt or worry. But whatever I’m called, I am still fear, the obstacle of achievement.


I know no master but one; its name is Understanding. I have no power but what the human mind gives me, and I vanish completely when the light of Understanding reveals the facts as they really are, for I am really nothing.”

You see, if you have the courage to acknowledge your fears, you will be taking the first step towards controlling them instead of them controlling you. And I you take the next step in understanding, you will be able to move past them to empathy, perhaps even love.

We all have fear. It is the constant reminder to protect our selves and keep us safe.

Fear has a place when it protects our lives as part of our fight or flight response.

And it doesn’t have a place in living our lives. Trust me, I struggle with fear and doubt every day. AND I also know that on the other side of my fear is the life I choose to live into.

I always thought it interesting that my favorite quote has been, “Face your fear and do it anyway!”

Today I ask you to face your fear and do something that makes you uncomfortable in your life and in your business. It will open up a whole new world.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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