huh? MLM Scam

mlm scamI hear it all the time as a network marketer, “MLM Scam”. Honestly the more I research scams the more I realize that the word is used as a marketing gimmick.

I discovered today that Milk is a scam. Heartbreaking but true. If you were to go online right now and search your favorite store, car, product, or even food there would be a scam associate with it.

We live in a world of fear and desperation. The media know this and that is why you never hear about anything good in the news, okay rarely hear anything good in the news.

MLM scam is just another way to play into the fears of those that are looking to find a legit business online. Most of the time when I see a mlm scam I tend to find the person actually trying to sell a product or service to help those in that mlm.

I am going to admit something… I actually did a scam video. I know… I know… I should be ashamed. I did the video as a promo for a system I was using to help generate leads. This tends to be a common practice for those that are using online marketing techniques to build their business.

I will also tell you this, I only did it for the company that I am in as a network marketer to help others find another way to get leads.

So my intent was good but I’m not making another MLM scam video anytime soon. I prefer the direct approach and the truth.

No more MLM Scam

Now I just tell people as it is. I don’t tell them that they are going to be an overnight success. I let them know that this is going to take some effort and work from them. They are going to have to talk to people and they are going to face some rejection. It is part of doing business.

The good news is if they decided to join me and my team in my mlm they are going to get a lot of support. I have been studying online marketing for 5 years and FINALLY putting all I have learned into practice. I have put together training for blogging and online marketing. I show people how to create video and how to just be themselves.

Talking about video I put together my best collection of scams!

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    2 replies to "huh? MLM Scam"

    • Katharine

      I have heard scam being misused a lot as an online marketer but it’s usually been from people who mislabel good business opportunities and ideas. They are often folks that signed up for a business without really understanding what they need to do to make money. Then upset that they spent money to invest, tell everyone it’s a mlm scam. I kind of feel sorry those people because they will continue to live miserable lives at jobs they hate.

      • Katrina

        It really is misused and there are a lot of people that tell tall tales so that they can get people to sign up. The world of MLM is a lot of fun if you are honest and willing to do the work. Thank you so much for commenting Katharine.

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