Struggling with How To Use WordPress?

So you have just started out. You have purchased your domain name, got your site hosted, and uploaded wordpress… Now What?!?

Using wordpress is easy but isn’t it better to have some show you how to use wordpress? Like what the heck is the difference between a post and a page? Is it easy to upload an image? How do you change the appearance of your site? What settings do I want to keep? What settings can I change?

How to use WordPress?

  1. The first thing you are going to do once you have installed wordpress is to pick a theme. Where do you find them? If you are in dashboard for wordpress, click on appearance and choose theme. You will get a display of some popular themes for free. Another free place to get themes in There are some awesome free theme available for you but just so you know… there are premium or paid themes also (running about $40).
  2. Once you have your theme it is time to start blogging…. Uh?

Now this is where I got stuck when I first started blogging. No one showed me what the stuff on wordpress dashboard meant. No one actually showed me how to use wordpress.

Can you relate to this frustration? It is like getting all the pieces together for your blog but someone threw away the instruction manual. I created this wordpress video to guide you through the dashboard of wordpress. Understanding the features of your wordpress blog is going to help you create your blog faster and give you some short cuts. It is like learning a new language but trust me, it is a simple language to learn.

If you would like to learn how to create your custom menu for your blog go to WordPress Custom Menu.

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