How to Set Up Google Authorship

in Under 6 Minutes

Master Blogging at
Master Blogging at

If you are a blogger you know how important Google Authorship is to your blog. If you don’t let me explain.

Google Authorship is Google’s way of weeding out the junk on the web. The purpose is to claim your content so that it can’t be stolen or passed off as someone else’s. This already happened to a friend of mine so I am a huge advocate of getting your Google Authorship claimed sooner, rather than later.

Basically Google is working to protect you, the blogger.  Also to provide relevant information to it’s readers.

For that, you have to thank Google. So why the heck did they make it so difficult to do?!? They tell you that you have 2 ways to claim authorship.

1. Email verification

2. Code for Rel Author   <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Out of my 35 blogging students not one was successful in following Google Authorship’s directions. There was something missing. For many of my blogging student the html code one proved most difficult because when you are using a free theme, there is no specific place to put HTML code.

If you are using a paid theme, I recommend the code for rel author because you should have a place on your theme where you can place extra HTML code into the header or footer.  This was the only way I could get verified for my content creation.

The email verification just never seemed to work. I have no idea what Google is looking for in terms of email verification. I tried every which way… and still nothing worked as fast as what I am about to share with you.

Google Authorship in Under 6 minutes

So when I found this amazing plugin and what it could do for my blogging students, I got super psyched and had some of my student try it out. In a matter of minutes they had claimed their Google Authorship and I knew we had found a must have plugin.

Here is the video to show it in action!

Search for the plugin by name All In One Webmaster on

Do you have a favorite plugin that you would like to recommend?

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