It’s the first question, How to get started when getting started?

As a new network marketer, you are in an industry that has seen a lot of change in both online and offline marketing methods. You might have heard of competing thoughts around ‘old school’ vs ‘new school’ marketing tactics.

The world of marketing is changing rapidly. Every day there is a new or better way to build a home business. Or so they say. What if that wasn’t the truth?

Truth Bomb: My job as a marketer is to get you to take action, create scarcity, and get you off the fence with a decision. That is my only job.

How you do learn to do this in your business is something you will have to test, do, and test again. Welcome to the world of marketing. It’s kinda messy. Like a food flinging food fight in the cafeteria.

So let’s get back to the basics… where to get started.

There are only 3 simple ingredients to this… and I did a quick video for you. Go ahead and click play.

How To Get Started Recipe

Getting Started Ingredients You’ll Need

Getting started in your home business is a simple three-step recipe that only you can do. It’s about your commitment to yourself, your business, and who you want to become in the process.

To get started you need to have the belief that what you are about to do will without a doubt work. You have to have faith. Faith in yourself, the process, and the ability to see it through.

Marketing is messy and fun. Be willing to laugh as you take on these three simple ingredients.

Three simple Ingredients

  1. Choose your marketing platform – where do you find yourself most days? Do you spend a lot of time on FB, Twitter, MeWe, YouTube, Blab, Clubhouse, Instagram, or Tik Tok.
    • There is so much to learn about marketing with just ONE of these marketing tools that it will hurt you to do them all in the beginning. Master one of these as a traffic and lead generation source. THEN you can always add another. Don’t rush it.
  2. Commit To Actions – What action plan are you putting into place? What are you commiting to? This can be all sorts of things. You can join challenges, content calendars, video challenge, podcast challenge, blog challenge.
    • There is a lot of training out there about tactics for different digital media platforms. Google it.
    • I’m taking on a 90 day YouTube Video Challenge. My commitment to you, myself, and my business is to do a video each day for 90 days. Host it on my blog and email my list. (proven strategy that works everytime)
  3. Truth Bomb Marketing – the first ever network marketing mastermind for all levels of experience in network marketing and team building. I’m gifting to you almost two decades of digital online experience in the network marekting industry. I’m here to build the next generation of leaders and marketers.
    • Access insider training your upline doesn’t want you to know. Or doesn’t even know themselves.
    • Strategy over tactic – the truth about marketing and building your team.
    • Mindset Mastery – control your throughts, feelings, and enjoy life more!
    • Wealth Building – how to become a top earner and keep your earnings working for you to build a lifetime legacy.
    • much more

What’s next?

Remember that I told you that marketing is messy. It’s a constant play of testing and accountability.

Inside of Truth Bomb Marketing… I’m launching my first training of the year around YouTube with 10 Days of Action. What good is training if you are not putting it into immediate use?

Learn how to get started when getting started and by attending this training, you will get started. See you inside this exclusive mastermind. You’ve never seen anything like this before.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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