How to Generate Leads With Your BlogYesterday I got an email from a reader that asked, ” How do I subscribe to your blog?”

Hand to forehead! “Doof”

It seems I was missing a small ingredient myself on my blog. I needed an optin form on my blog for my readers to subscribe to!

How and why I missed this crucial ingredient… I am still at a loss.

One of the biggest components that I talk about in my blogging course Blogging Ingredients is making sure you have an optin form.

What I forgot to mention was having an optin form for your readers. Your readers do become leads for your business. How?

When they opt in they are saying I want to learn more from you! This comes from being a value blogger. Helping other achieve success by sharing what you know.

As Ray Higdon would say…. “Your notes are just checks waiting to be cashed.”

With that being said…

Generate Leads with Your Blog

Let me show you the simple change I made with a FREE plugin that has now started generating 1-5 leads a day on my blog.

How to add an optin form to your blog to get more leads with your Blog.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Tab for Plugins
  3. Enter into Search box “Optin Form”
  4. Click on first link – Optin Forms
  5. Download onto your computer
  6. Go into your back office of your WP blog and click on plugins
  7. Click Add New
  8. Click “Upload” on the top part of your screen
  9. Upload file from your desk top
  10. Follow the step by step direction for adding an optin form to your blog.

It really is that easy! Just this simple addition to my blog has given me an average of 1-5 new leads a day.

Many bloggers would love to build a list but don’t know how. My hope is that with this plugin you see how you can use your blog to start generating leads today!


I almost forget to get tell you… this plugin is worthless if you don’t have an auto-responder!

To get more leads for your blog you are going to need to invest in an auto-responder for your blog.

My recommendation is Aweber. I have been using them for over 5 years. I like how easy it is to use and no hidden costs and it is just $1 to try for the first month.

Can I share a secret with you?

Because of email marketing I have recruited more people and increased my monthly residual income. Getting people to sign up for your auto-responder is key to building your business online. Anyone that says differently doesn’t know what the heck they are talking about! Trust me.

This simple plugin can make a huge difference in your business. Use it to build your business and to generate leads with your blog!

What was your biggest take-a-way from this post? Please share your comments below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    14 replies to "How to Generate Leads With Your Blog"

    • Boris Beo

      Hi Katrina,

      I am the developer of the Optin Forms plugin. Thank you for creating a “how to” video and a blog post about the plugin, much appreciated!

      • Katrina

        Hi Boris! I love this plugin and as a blogging coach, love to share what works and your plugin works!

    • Jeff

      WOW! Popular Blog post! Great Plug in.. Took me 10 minutes tops to set it up and have a nice professional looking opt in to my Blog ready to roll. Also very easy to follow instructions from Chef Katrina to get it up and running. Good job!!

      • Katrina

        I am all about efficiency Jeff! This plugin is simple to use and has tons different ways you can use it! Offers, blogs, training…. the list goes on!

    • Ray Higdon

      Great job!

    • Bruno Buergi

      I generated the half of my leads through the opt-in forms on my blog. When you blog regularly you will get regular opt-ins. But you have to offer something for free to make it attractive that people sign in.

      • Katrina

        Hi Bruno! Totally agree. Have a strong offer to get the optin is extremely important. And consistency is key with any blog! Thank you for commenting and looking forward to seeing you here again. Yours in Gratitude, Katrina

    • Ken Weliever

      Thanks for the good suggestions! Will see if I can make this work on my blog.

      • Katrina

        Hi Ken! Keep me posted. Let me know what you decided to do with this plugin!

    • Jenay Green

      Thanks Katrina great information as usual!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Jenay! Keep rocking your blog!

    • Raphael Love

      Nice post… What would you recommend for the best way to get people to actually use the form created?

      • Katrina

        Hi Raphael. I think they can be used for anything. Subscribe to blog. Subscribe to podcast. Give a way a free offer. Work with me. Join my coaching program. Promote a product. With the redirect option the sky is the limit.

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