How to Create the Perfect Blog

For most of us we dream about the perfect blog. You know the one that looks amazing, attracts tons of traffic and will make you a millionaire overnight.

Yeah, that’s the one.

Well, I would hate to burst your bubble but I have yet to come across the perfect looking blog.

No one starts out with the perfect looking blog but I will tell you this secret… most blogs change their look.

Yup! I have seen it time and time again. You want to know the most successful blog, the one that you start right now.

The Perfect Blog come from doing…

I keep coming across people that say, I am not ready to blog yet, or I can’t find the perfect blog look. So what happens… they don’t even start and that is a shame. They are missing out on the opportunity to be moving their business forward.

Did you know that a blog post stays alive on the internet. That means a post you create today could be giving you a new lead even 2 years from now. If done right and you create good, valuable content people could stumble across your post. This is a gold mine for your business and so many people over look it.

Blogging is easy, creating a blog is even easier when you have the secret recipe to follow.

That is why I created Blogging Ingredients. I couldn’t stand by and not teach people how to create a blog. I keep it simple and easy to follow in my training. I give you all my secrets for creating and getting started. All you have to do is take action. Or make an excuse. Really it is up to you.

What do you get with Blogging Ingredients?

1. How to choose the perfect domain for your website. There is a secret to this that most don’t tell you but I have no problem sharing!
2. Learn how inexpensive it is to get your domain hosted. Super easy and inexpensive.
3. Learn how to install wordpress onto your site. This is a plug and play platform that will allow you customize your blog.
4. How to choose a theme and what you need to look for. This is important especially if people are going to be viewing your blog on their mobile device.
5. Learn some of the lingo and how to install widgets, and custom menus!
6. Some of the most important ingredients for your customize blog are the plugins. Learn the must have’s!!!
7. Personal coaching from me. Get stumped and I will be there to help

My goal is to get every networker blogging and having a voice. If you don’t own your piece of online real estate then your competition will. Don’t let them have all the success.

Nothing worst then looking back a year from now and wishing you had started your blog sooner. So head over to “Blogging Ingredients”

I created this training just for you. So get your hands on it now before the price goes up and I stop offering my coaching services.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "How to Create The Perfect Blog"

    • Brad

      Well, It always seems that you are speaking directly to me when you make your videos! That means one of two things: First, I must be one of the biggest non-action takers out here in this massive internet world or Secondly, I must not be:-) the only one out here not taking action? I will confess to the first. When it comes to the Second, I will embrace knowing that I am not alone 😉

      Blogging Ingredients really showed me that there is nothing to fear such as my affliction with ‘everything must be perfect’ train of thought. You not only made blogging look easy, you actually showed how simple it was for me to set up and start my very own blog. Every Network Marketer needs to invest in Blogging Ingredients…Period! The coaching support you give is priceless…Period!

      Thank you Katrina for all the passion you put into not only your blog and tips but, also the great amount of passion and integrity you demonstrate in Blogging Ingredients.

      I now am finished with my comment and going to take more ACTION

      • Katrina

        Rock it Brad! Go out and take action! Every day and with the faith that it will happen. You are amazing!

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