Creating a 360 Virtual Photo

O.M. Goodness!!! Today I get to share with you how to create a 360 virtual photo! Pinch me!

One of the reasons I love is because of the super cool communities I get to join.

There is a Home Dwellers Unite! meetup in my area that I love. It is a group of small and home business owners that get together for lunch each week.

The conversations can range from marketing, business, technology, to just building amazing friendships.

This week, was amazing. Not only did we talk marketing, of course one of my favorite topics, we also got techie!!

This is where I learned that you can create a 360 virtual photo and post it on Facebook!! EEK!

*Disclaimer – Currently it seems you can only do this on Facebook. Tested on Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.

All I get is a panoramic looking photo. Though G+ did give me the option to open it up further and scroll through image in a 360 manner.

The 360 Virtual Photo on Facebook

Hopefully this works by embedding the post on this blog. If not, you can see the actual post by clicking here.

So what happens on Facebook is that, when you are on mobile device, as you turn around, you are able to view the space as if you were actually in the middle turning around.

It gives you a very virtual feeling of being in that location. This is of course going to be our future!

When you are on desk top, you can use your mouse and pull the image around.

This is pretty freaking cool right!!

So now you are wonder…. How the heck can I do this!

Creating Your 360 Virtual Photo to Share To Facebook

I like to keep things easy so I am going to list the steps. If they don’t work for you, let me know in the comment area below.

Oh, and this works on both Apple and Droid. We tested on an Apple phone and Samsung S6 edge.

  1. Go To App Store on your mobile device and download the app, ‘Street View’ by Google.
  2. Follow the steps in setting up this app.
  3. Click on Private (image below #1)Creating a 360 Photo
  4. Click on the yellow plus button (image above #2)
  5. Click on Camera
  6. Align camera image to yellow dot and move either left or right.
  7. Turn slowly in a circle
  8. Once image is complete click the check mark.
  9. Image should be saved to your phone or mobile device.

Congratulations! You just created a 360 virtual photo! BOOM!

Next go to your Facebook account and upload the image from your mobile device to your personal or private profile.

The image on your mobile will have a little circle in the bottom corner. This is how you know it’s a 360 virtual photo!

And that’s it. Post to your Facebook page and everyone will have the opportunity to view your 360 virtual photo. Though I do recommend you mention that it is cooler to view on a mobile device!

So freaking excited to share this will you. Love this neat little trick and excited to put it to use in my life.

Where do you see yourself using this? Vacation, Home, Business, … what else?

Have fun with this!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Thank you for sharing experience, I ‘ll try it later .

      • Katrina

        I’m curious on the different ways to use this. It’s pretty interesting. Welcome to the next generation of images to be shared! 🙂

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