Create a Lead Generation Ad on Betternetworker?

If you struggle with finding leads and don’t have a lot of money to spend than I suggest You can create a lead generation ad on betternetworker for next to nothing. Here is a short video that shows you how easy it is to start generating leads in no time.

This is how I break it down… I like numbers. If you were to post one piece of content on betternetworker every day and attach a lead generation ad to it. You would have over 30 powerful pieces of content out on the net and attached to each on is a why for people to learn more or want more information from you! That is less that $0.67 per lead generation ad and it is out there for as long as you have your membership. That is a steal. Betternetworker has THE best seo out there and more than not you will see your content make it above the fold when people search key words. Awesome.

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