How to Create a Landing Page with MLSP

The first time I heard the word landing page was when I went though the training found in Building on a Budget. This course teaches you how to build your business online for under $500 bucks. Really cool and I learned a lot.

Part of what I learned was that to be effective online you had to have a landing page. You wanted a place to send prospects to learn more about something… your company, an affiliate program, or a training you created. Whatever it was, you need a page that would capture their name and email address. What you were really doing was building your list.

Cool, I was all down for building my list. I knew that people were looking for help building their network marketing business and I wanted to create a landing page for those that were also looking for my primary company.

But what held me back was the technology. HOW do I create this landing page? What exactly should I say that would get people to want to give me their name and email address?  Was there a format that I should follow that got better results? I wanted it to be just perfect (wait! I know this sounds familiar to you).

So when I re-stumbled across My Lead System Pro and learned that they had lead capture pages that I could brand as my own… (Hell Ya!!) Want to see what it looks like?

See how simple it is to create a landing page with MLSP

I just love how you can change the content and really make it your own. The branding piece is so important.

So when you market an amazing system like MLSP it look like you are really part of that training and not using some cheesy tactic to generate leads. I feel it is more honest and you are getting a sense of who I am and how I can help you. And I am also showing part of how this system can wor

I use a lot of the training inside MLSP to help me build my business online. I follow the training that is done by 6, 7, and even 8-figure income earners in the MLM industry. They are living their dream and they honestly teach you how to do the same.

If asked what is My Lead System Pro, I would say it is the university of online marketing. If you want to learn how to market your opportunity and generate leads, check out this training system.

My Lead System Pro

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "How to Create a Landing Page with MLSP"

    • Brad

      Ok, so first I must tell you what was going through my mind while watching you show me exactly how to create a landing page. My mind, “Here…again this Chef Katrina has taken massive action to a whole new level with this perfect video she created..with another video planted right inside a lead generating capture system named ‘How to Create a Landing Page with MLSP’…but My Lead System Pro is not just a training program…ahh ok, now I understand” So, thats how my mind works, over thinking most of the time. That is why I come to your blog often, because you have the ability to not only explain in words but, the ability to teach through your actions and then I see my many hurdles crystal clear. Yesterday, I did not know where to start creating a landing page but Today, only after reading and watching your blog post I know how! And MLSP has been in my eyes for a long time!

      I was long winded in my comment and I apologize! I ask and hope that you keep on keepin on, because you are moving mountains of Network Marketers, guiding and Leading us to reach our dreams! You are 1 amazing Chef, Mentor and Leader!

      • Katrina

        You are a fast learner grasshopper!

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