How to Choose The Right Mentor

Choose A Mentor

Did you know that a mentor or coach can make a real difference in your business and life?

Back when I played volleyball in college I had an amazing Coach. Learning from Coach Jennifer Pyle really pushed me to my limits. Just went I thought I had mastered something, I was told I needed to work on something else.

I can’t see myself move and play but my coach could. She was able to help me better position myself on the court. She could see if my block was off or my swing wasn’t right. Having that extra set of eyes and a coach did amazing things for my game. I played all four years of College Volleyball at a Division 1 level because of the coaches and mentors I had along the way.

The interesting thing is, I did get to choose my coaches when I played both club and College Volleyball. I picked teams that had amazing coaches. I wanted to play for the best and to do that I needed a coach that was going to push me. I also had mentors along the way. Pro volleyball players that I admired for their skill and talent. While I may not have met my mentor, they inspired to what was possible.

So how does this apply to network marketing and your business? Your mentors can be coaches or person you aspire to be like.

Finding your Mentor

About 2 years ago I was broke. I lost my restaurant and my home in less than 2 weeks from each other. I was financially devastated and at a very low point in my life.

I had gotten an email about an event that was taking place in my own backyard… Orlando, FL.  The event was called, “Live the Dream.”

Scrapping together what little money I had I bought the $199 general admissions ticket. This was a huge stretch but I felt like I needed to be there. I really had no idea what this event was about, all I knew was that I wanted to learn more about marketing and there was a speaker that was going to be there that was going to be sharing the secrets of Facebook marketing.

So I attended this 2-day event and was blown away. I was meeting network marketing leaders from all over the industry that practically giving away the secrets that helped them build a bigger downline and create financial freedom in less than 18 months.  

The best advice I received was from the MC of the event. He said… “sit back, listen, and find the mentor that resonates with you.

Everyone there was a leader and a mentor. Each had a different way of building their business.

My job was to listen and connect with the mentor that resonated with me. I learned a lot by listening, watching, and attending the after-parties. I was shaking hands, having drinks, and getting industry secrets from top leaders.  It was surreal and now I look forward to attending this event and any others that teach online marketing.

As a network marketer, we should always be reaching up and looking for events to attend, even those outside our company events.

Did I find a Mentor?

Shockingly enough I found two mentors at this event and I still follow and connect with them. Tim Erway is the CEO of and I follow, learn, and buy everything he creates. His products and opportunities are pure gold.

Michelle Pescosolito is my Facebook marketing mentor. I have purchased her course on Facebook marketing and learn so much by talking and sharing with her. She is a brilliant leader.

I have also found many mentors online and in books. I keep investing in myself and in turn, my team learns a lot and gets the benefit of my education.

Even today I still attend events looking for leaders I want to follow and learn from. I look to develop new skills and create better conversations with entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Choose a Mentor

Choose a Mentor

So choose a mentor that resonates with you. Find a leader that you want to follow and learn from. The best teams in the Network Marketing industry are the teams that teach and train all the time. (this is something I just figured out). They are thirsty to learn and create duplication.

Your mentor can be a real person, author, painter, speaker, or teammate. Follow your heart and your head. Together they will take you to your dreams.

Over the years I’ve begun to mentor those that want to learn how Pinterest can help them build their home business. I’ve had the pleasure of building massive communities and tribes that thrive.

Some of the places I’ve found my mentors are:

Young Entrepreneur Project – an elite group of entrepreneurs that are sharing skills, tools, and resources for how to build a business that thrives. This community is incredible and plugging into their knowledge is one of the best resources I can recommend. It is a membership, but 100% worth the small investment. Always be willing to invest in being part of communities that benefit everyone involved. – a social platform for meeting up with a group of like-minded individuals. I’ve gone to groups looking for more skills to learn and network with. Meeting people is critical to growing any business. Relationships matter.

Co-Working Space – I was lucky to find a few in my surrounding area. These co-working spaces bring together many solo entrepreneurs that need an office space or a place to go that gets them out of the house. Again another great place to build relationships.

I also offer mentorship for those that want the 1-2-1 accountability of learning how to use Pinterest to grow their business. If you want to learn more schedule a time with me. Let’s see if we are a good fit to be working together.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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