The first rule of improv comedy is:

Yes, And…

In practice, this means that no matter what ‘zany’ scenario is proposed by your partner, you accept it without resistance and figure out a way to move the scene forward.

For example…

“I can’t believe we’re stranded in this snowstorm!”

“Yes, and… I told you that we shouldn’t have vacationed in the Hoth System!”

“Yes, and… now the sky’s getting dark…wait…did you hear that sound!?”

There are endless possibilities of where a conversation could go, but the point is that it must go somewhere—it can’t remain stuck in one place, and those involved can’t reject the situation they’re clearly in the middle of.

This is how you…

Create New Possibilities


While “Yes, and…” exercises were once the domain of actors and comedians, entrepreneurs now use this technique as a means to facilitate conversations, inspire possibilities, and problem-solve the inevitable challenges you’ll face when you build your network marketing business.

Because there will be difficulties, setbacks, and roadblocks along the way.

After all, things break all the time, right?

It’s nothing personal.

The key is to set your ego aside and focus on possibilities.

In fact, when you practice the art of creating possibilities, you become unstoppable.

It’s actually simple…

Being unstoppable is to master the skill of resourcefulness, which is to understand when and how to effectively leverage the resources at your fingertips, regardless of the circumstances.

This is how you keep moving forward, progressing, and ultimately achieve any and all of your goals…without fail.

After all, in business, the only way to fail is to quit.


Are you ready to become unstoppable?

Read on for the five steps to get you there…

1. Adapt quickly


As an entrepreneur, you MUST adapt to new and uncomfortable situations.

Though you will have systems and strategies in place to build your network marketing business, your biggest asset is your ability to adapt quickly when things change suddenly and without warning.

If you have kids, you are no doubt accustomed to quickly adapting. Kids are full of surprises and you must react in the moment. You can plan all you want, but in all honesty, you can’t plan for everything.

If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

My background of working in a kitchen taught me adaptability. As a chef, I never got to stand behind the hot line and just cook. I had to manage the kitchen, take care of the guests, take care of the service, take care of the stewards, receive food shipments, and a lot of other things too. It was always “go, go, go!” and I learned to adapt quickly!

At every restaurant, theme park, or major event—even the No Excuses Summit—there are things happening behind the scenes that you never (almost never) see that facilitate things flowing (almost always) seamlessly. As they say in showbiz…

The show must go on!

You’ll be called upon to adapt over and over again…

  • When an advertising platform makes a policy change… adapt!
  • When your company goes out of business… adapt!
  • When your lead cost goes up… adapt!
  • When the market changes (like it always does and always will)… adapt!

The only other option is to become obsolete, and you surely don’t want that!

So commit to being adaptable!

2. Be resourceful


Problems will always come up.

Technology is finicky, and people are finicky too. Maybe your power goes out just as you’re supposed to start a webinar, or your special guest speaker doesn’t show up.

The most effective marketers can improvise on the fly and make fast adjustments when things take a turn.

When it happens, have a momentary ‘freak out’ (if you must), then…

Take a deep breath and think about what resources you’re going to use to work around the problem.

Figure out what you can do right now with what you have at your fingertips.

If your power goes out and your Internet service goes down just before your webinar, is your laptop battery charged?

Can you use your phone’s Internet connection to do your webinar with some candles or a flashlight?

Those are resources that keep you moving forward. Use them.

Be flexible.

Be willing to make decisions that you aren’t 100% comfortable with; that is the nature of Internet marketing…and business in general.

Don’t wait for permission.

Be willing to let go of perfection.

Don’t focus on what’s going wrong; start looking for solutions immediately.

This is a fact: you’ll find resources to keep moving forward. Every time.

3. Deliver what you promise

When you promise people that you’re going to do something for them, always figure out a way to make it happen.


It may be late, but your persistence to follow through with the promise is all that matters.

I’m always surprised at how many people stick around when we have technical issues.

Let people know what’s going on immediately and come up with another solution so you can deliver.

Ensure you have alternate channels to communicate with your audience.

If your guest doesn’t show up for an interview, deliver it yourself.

Sometimes that’s what you have to do.

When you deliver what you promise, people will trust and respect you.

4. Be bold


Cesar Rodriguez coined a catchy phrase: “B10XB,” which stands for “Be 10x Bolder.”

He asks his students what they would do in every situation if they were ten times bolder than they normally behave.

This is massive when you’re hesitating when it’s time to…

  • Make the call.
  • Talk to the prospect.
  • Ask for the sale.
  • Commit to the big goal.
  • Do the thing that scares you.

Challenge yourself to step into a role that maybe you aren’t 100% ready for.

When your heart is fluttering, and your stomach is churning…

That’s the moment when you step into your greatness.

Afterwards, you’ll say, “That wasn’t so bad,” and you’ll be less afraid to make your next bold move.

That’s what we do as entrepreneurs.

That’s what separates each one of us from our competition and allows us to create amazing businesses and fantastic opportunities to network with people.

Here’s my feeling: every time I have doubt or fear about doing something, that’s when I know I’m doing the right thing.

If I’m worried about negative repercussions from an email that’s a little too edgy, or a post that I think may be perceived wrong, those are the moments when I know I’m on the right track.

Have you heard that “It’s better to act now and ask for forgiveness later?”

It’s better to be bold now, and if necessary, ask for forgiveness. Because most of the time, you won’t have to.

5. Start a ripple effect

Somebody I look up to who has created a MASSIVE ripple effect and is absolutely unstoppable is Mike Dillard.

He is an extremely humble man, and all he did was to build relationships and provide a solution to a pain that he had, which was that he was extremely shy.

Mike was really uncertain, shy, and he didn’t like chasing after people. Sounds like most of us right?

He thought there had to be a better way so he created Magnetic Sponsoring. A simple book where he shared how to become the hunted instead of the hunter.

How would it feel to have your phone ringing off the hook or emails piling in, asking to join you in your business?

In that moment, he created a ripple effect in the Internet marketing industry.

The “Chef Katrina Challenge”


Right here, right now, I hereby challenge you…

…from this day forward, when you get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, or hear that doubting little voice in the back of your head, that is your moment to be bold.

That is the moment to take that leap of faith because I promise you that…

You are your biggest critic.

Your doubts and fears scare you, but once you decide to be bold, once you take that step and commit, your world changes.

Commit these things to yourself now:

  • Yes, I’m going to build my business.
  • Yes, I’m going to be an entrepreneur.
  • Yes, I’m going to change my life.
  • Yes, I’m going to make a difference for me, my family, my children, and my grandchildren.
  • From this day forward, I’m going to build my legacy.
  • I’m going to leave an impact on this earth that’s so positive that it sparks a ripple effect that is completely unstoppable.

I challenge you to go out and be that change.

You have it in you.

I know it. I’ve seen it when I’ve met many of you at events that we’ve been at together.

There is a fire, a passion, and a drive in you.

You might be a little scared, but you’re excited about your possibilities.

Set the example for the world of what the entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish.

I challenge you to be bold enough to go out, face the fear, and do it anyway.

Be ten times bolder and create a ripple effect in the universe that is completely and totally unstoppable.

Don’t you feel bolder already?

Yes, and…

With your full commitment and dedication to go all in and build your business as you’ve always dreamed…

You’re ready for focus and direction to help guide your drive, because motivation alone isn’t enough.

As you know, a positive mindset is essential…

But only action produces results.

Ready to take that first action and blaze your trail?

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Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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