So you are doing your research about Reliv and how to become a Reliv customer.

Congratulations on taking control of your health. With the new Obama care it seems that you are one of many that are looking for alternative ways.

The cost of prevention is less than most people think and I am here to share some Reliv information with you.

First off let’s be straight… This is not going to treat, prevent, or cure. (I am required by law to tell you this)

Over the past 25 years Reliv has proven that optimal nutrition can change your life. I have seen it over and over again. Here are a few testimonials.

Name: James Hodgin
Hometown: Bartlesville, OK

Looking for an Answer: Before I was introduced to the Reliv products, I lived with seasonal allergies and achy knees. Reliv brought relief.

Reverse Aging: After just 10 months on Reliv, I feel like I am almost reversing the aging process. I have lost 60 pounds, I breathe much easier and the joints in my knees have greatly improved.

Investing in Yourself: The single best investment you can make in yourself is prevention. Plenty of people seem to have the money to buy trivial things, but have none for what their bodies truly need. They should give Reliv a try!

Eileen Tesch of Algoniac, Michigan

Rescued herself from an exhausting career as an attorney. Here’s how!

Burned Out: When I first found Reliv seven years ago, I was a burned-out attorney at a law firm. I thought the three food groups were caffeine, nicotine and happy hour. I was on my way to crash and burn.

Seeing a Change: I started the products, began losing weight and improved my outlook. Clients could even see the change in me! I wasn’t sure about the business, but I loved the idea of helping people. Thankfully I did start a Reliv business and eventually resigned from the law firm.

Priceless: We work with people in Reliv instead of competing against them. We all want to change the world. A customer once told me, “You are the answer to my prayers.” How can you put a price on that?

Update on John: Retired from his busy engineering job in 2013 and is working his Reliv business full time!

How to Become a Reliv Customer

1. Step one click on this link

2. Enter the RCN of the person that told you about Reliv. Don’t have one? Then enter in 7299909501

Recommended products to get started:
1. Core 3 – Reliv Classic, Innergize, & FibRestor

2. Super You – Reliv Now & LunaRichX capsules

Would you like to save 10% off your Reliv customer order?

When you put your purchase on auto-ship you will automatically be entered into our preferred customer savings plan.

Reliv also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Also when you order your Reliv products you will get a call from me or the person that recommended the Reliv products to you.

Follow up is important and if you have any questions you know who to ask.

Cheers to your health and the new, healthier YOU!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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*Testimonials were provided by Reliv International