How Does Affiliate Marketing Help You Build Your MLM?

So you joined an affiliate marketing program like Magnetic Sponsoring, you are loving the information and now you are wondering how does this tie in with your MLM?

I had this same question about 5 years ago and I never really knew the answer myself. Until last year. I was having a drink with Tim Erway, CEO of a $25 million dollar company that teaches network marketers how to build their business online through training and education.

What Tim shared is that you are using Magnetic Sponsoring as a tool to help other network marketers. They are the ones that are looking for help in building their business. They also understand that MLM takes work and are willing to do what it takes.

Now when they opt-in to the free training you can call them up and LISTEN to what they are searching for. It could be training or they could be looking for another company to join that has a leader they trust. Either way you have built a relationship through the sharing of an educational training course or they joined you in your opportunity.

So for those that are visual, here is a quick video for you.

How Affiliate Marketing helps your business

There are tons of affiliate marketing companies out there. I dare you to go find your favorite brand and see if it has an affiliate. Some of my favorites are Amazon, Magnetic Sponsoring, Vista Print, and the list really could go on.

All an affiliate program does is help spread the word. It creates excitement and allows people to make a little money on the side promoting products that they love and use.

So it just made sense to join an affiliate company that appealed to network marketers. When you lead with value and education it isn’t so scary to call leads and see how they are doing. Then just listen. You may or may not be able to help them. But you called them with the approach of helping them instead of beating them over the head with your opportunity. LOL!

So Magnetic Sponsoring give you free training to share and this generates leads. You call these leads and find out how you can help them. You recommend a magnetic sponsoring course or see if they want to learn more about your opportunity. You then show them how to repeat this process to start building their business. It really is that simple.

With so many new network marketers starting their business, they all go online looking for answers. Wouldn’t it be cool if they found you?

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