Upload Video to YouTube for Ranking ImageIt’s not just the video that gets the ranking…. It’s how you upload video to YouTube that also boosts your ranking.

Ranking your YouTube video is crucial. You don’t just put a video on YouTube if you are expect to use it as a lead tool.

The whole purpose of the video is to get it ranked so that it can been seen and hopefully, it gets you new leads.

I know that as a network marketer getting video ranked in the Google search engines has helped me recruit more team members for my network marketing business. Guys and Gals… People are searching the internet right now for you and your opportunity.

The last 3 team members that have joined me in my Reliv business have joined me because of video.

That is why I am writing you today. To share my secret of how YOU can use video to build your business.

Upload Video to YouTube

I am guess that for the most part you know how to upload video to YouTube.

The first thing you do is shoot a video and then you go to YouTube, click the upload button. Fill in some description info and TA DA! Your video is now on YouTube.

But is it getting seen?

A few years back I was introduced to my friend Jessica Brace. She is my personal video marketing coach.

Like you, I knew about video but I wasn’t getting much traction or any leads… so I wondered if there was something I was missing.

So after attending one of Jessica’s training classes, she mentioned that she was doing a 3 Day Video Marketing Workshop.

The cost to participate was $1,500. I thought to myself… If I walked away learning just one new thing that helped me get my videos ranked on the first page of Google, it would be worth the cost of admission!

After spending 3 days in video training… I finally learned the secret to uploading video to YouTube and getting on the first page of Google. I actually did it in 15 minutes by following a simple checklist.

It was a 22 key ingredient recipe that walked you though uploading video to YouTube for Ranking.

The Secret to Uploading Video to YouTube

If nothing else I call it the $1,500 checklist.

It seems that uploading a video to YouTube for ranking requires you to follow 22 secret ingredients.

These 22 secret ingredients had me ranking 1st page on Google for my keywords in under 15 minutes. This is one powerful checklist.

So I am going to share a few of these secrets from the $1,500 checklist with you. It begins with your video.

Before You Upload Video To YouTube

  1. Decide on your keyword for the video you are creating
  2. Make sure you say your keyword in your video within the first sentence. Then repeat your keyword 1 or 2 more times throughout your video.
  3. Name your video file your keyword. Ex. Elite-Marketing-Pro-Coach.mp4
  4. Use dashes only in your file name. NO spaces and NO _ or other characters. ONLY DASHES!
  5. Is the keyword for this video also in your channel’s keyword section?
  6. If using a transcription service, have your video transcribed

These six steps are CRUCIAL to the success of uploading video to YouTube for ranking.

In the next 16 steps we cover uploading video to YouTube and what you do AFTER you upload your video. Most people are missing this part.

These next ingredients are what makes video marketing a key ingredient in your online marketing efforts.

For a very limited time… I am making this $1,500 Video Upload Recipe available to you for only $27. This offer won’t last long!

So if you are reading this… grab this checklist now! As a bonus I am including “How to create the perfect testimonial/review template” with this offer.

You get both how to upload video and how to create powerful video to get more red hot targeted leads for just $27 bucks!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Jeff Beeman

      IT really is that simple… just a few “tweaks” setting up, during and after will get you the traffic your looking for. SEO Magic!

      • Katrina

        this 22 key ingredients recipe for uploading videos change the way I did videos and got them ranked much faster. This list really is worth $1500. It will help you rank your videos on the 1st page of Google.

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