How Do You Generate Leads as a Newbie in Network Marketing

Being a newbie can be the best thing in the world. Why? Because you are open to being trained the right way to grow your business.

Yes there is lots to learn but if you are willing to follow a leader or mentor or even a system that is proven to work, you are ahead of the game.

So if you are totally new to online marketing and lead generation, Welcome!!!


So here is my quick warning before we dig any deeper into generating leads online.

  1. You will become overwhelmed! (It’s a given… we all do.) 
  2. Technology will stress you out and have you wanting to give up. (Don’t do it)
  3. Everyone and their mother will give you advice on lead generation.
  4. Follow only those whom you trust and feel a bond with.
  5. Everyone that has achieved success started right where you are today.

Okay so now that we have gotten that out of the way, I feel like I can be totally honest with you. No B.S. here!

generate leads in network marketing

There are a couple of ways to start generating leads for your network marketing opportunity. Here is my list.

Offline Marketing

Write down a list of your 100 least favorite people. Call them up and invite them to lunch and bash them over the head with your opportunity. (okay so this one didn’t work for me either)

Attend every group and tell them what company you are with. (This could turn up some leads) Actually if you do this right this could generate tons of leads. The first time you go to a meeting introduce yourself and sit back and listen. Find out what people are looking for. One of the biggest drawbacks for most people is that they go to these meeting and they try to sell, it is all about “me”… instead of all about them. Who can you help. Find someone that you can refer. Build relationships.

Online Methods

Use facebook, to tell all your family and friends.  This could be good and bad. You might lose some friends or be blocked if you talk a bit too much about your company. This is the most common mistake that all newbies make. Even made it myself and I survived! Again, learn to build relationships.

Affiliate marketing that is education driven for network marketers. This one is my favorite. Learn to lead with value and people will be drawn to you, find out how you can help them. They may join you in your opportunity or not but you still shared education and made a couple bucks to boot. Cool!

Blogging- a very effective way to build your business. This can take a little more time but the cool thing is that your information stays out on the web forever. So if you are sharing information that people are looking for, they could find it even years later. Way cool.

I love lead generation and I really enjoy using education and blogging as my main source to make this happen.

But like I tell all my new distributors, find what fits you and learn from those that are using that exact method to create success.

There is no wrong or right way to generate leads online. If you Google “generate leads” you will find tons of leaders and mentors. Find the person that resonates with you and follow what they do. Heck even mimic them. That is what I did when I first got started. You will begin to develop your own voice in time.

Thanks again for hanging out with me on my blog today.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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