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Today I am going to be totally honest with you about being a Network Marketer.

First thing I want to share with you..

It is freaking HARD work!

I told you I was going to be totally honest with you.

Many of us, including myself, get into network marketing to help people and to make money.

Those are the two biggest motivating factors for any successful network marketer.

But we do face a lot of rejection, fear, and insecurity.

Addressing the Network Marketing Lie

  1. If you think you are going to get rich quick with network marketing… GET OUT NOW!!!
  2. If you think others are going to build your business for you… GET OUT NOW!!!
  3. If you think that you won’t have to work your ass off… GET OUT NOW!!!

In the world of network marketing, you have got to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. You have to be willing to hear the word NO a thousand times and still talk to people.

You have to start investing in yourself and begin the process I call self development.

Network marketing is one of the few industries that teaches self development. That actually encourages you to develop your leadership skill.

Network Marketing Efforts

See the image above? What do you see happening?

Let me share my reality:

  • The Market Place – my job as a Chef was extremely demanding. I struggled for years with people telling me I wasn’t ready to be a leader when I was a line cook. But they could never tell me what I needed to do to become ready.  They were so fearful of losing their jobs that they didn’t want to help me. They saw it as me replacing them rather then them developing a new leader. Looking at this picture I am reminded of the stories I heard of people getting over looked or even fired. I began to understand that the J.O.B. no longer offered me security. My job offered me no direction…. so it was time to leave.
  • Marketing Our Efforts – Ultimately what drew me into network marketing was attending my first conference. Once I saw how people were helping each other, even when unrelated by financial gains, I knew this is where I wanted to grow. It has been a refreshing experience when you can call anyone in my company and they are willing to share their story. It really is about people helping people.

In a time where we are exposed to so much violence, anger, hate, and misery… becoming part of network marketing is like a breath of fresh air. A place to learn, grow and prosper.

Now I don’t walk around with rose colored glasses, I know what I experience isn’t the same for everyone. But you do know that you have a choice on what business you join and who you want as your sponsor.

So take time to find the right company for you. Look for a sponsor. Call up a few of the top leaders in the company… see if their style of business is something that you agree with.

After years in this industry, I have learned that there are many ways to build a business.

  • Meeting
  • Events
  • Old School
  • Online
  • Combination of all or some of these

Find the team that is the right fit for you. After all, it’s your business. Decided which path you want to take to create your success.

To wrap this up… Network Marketing isn’t a get-rich scheme but a slow and steady dream-building process. Expect setbacks, but with the right leader, they can continue to help you move forward.

Are you a network marketer? What has been your best experience so far? Share your comment below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    4 replies to "The Honest Truth Of Network Marketing"

    • Lorie

      Thank you for this breathe of fresh air truth. Some of why it is hard for people to understand the process of becoming successful in network marketing is because most people don’t realize the need to change the perspective of themselves. Most still think like an employee of time traded for dollars and as a follower not developer. Once they understand the difference in seeing themselves as owner working in an interdependent organization, not still in the world of being worried about someone else knowing more or doing better, then they begin to shift their thinking on how to become better prepared to helping others.

      • Katrina

        Couldn’t agree more Lorie. This is one of a few industries that actually recommends you develop yourself. Read book, attend training, and help others. You don’t really see this happen much in the J.O.B arena.
        Fantastic comment and thank you for adding value to this post. Look forward to your future comments.

    • Jaye Carden

      You make some real great points about network marketing. It is tough, but it is so well worth the work.

      • Katrina

        Hey Jaye! It is a tough business but if you join up with the right company and right leader… It is well worth it!

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