What is Your Visions for Your Home Based Business?

Home based business When I first got started in my home based business I was green. I had never been business for myself and really had no idea how to market the company I was with. Yes, I had access to some great media but what did you do with it?

I did so many things wrong that I thought about giving up and just sticking with my job. But something inside me rebelled. Something in me said NO! I was tired of working for another persons dreams. I wasn’t were I wanted to be in life!

So I started buying up training on online marketing, self development, and network marketing. I started following mentors that connected with me. I began to develop my vision.

Where do you see your home based business in 1 year?

A couple of years ago I lost it all and had to look back on my life and find to what I really wanted. I let a lot of distraction into my life and it kept me from doing what I know I am capable of doing. I had lost my purpose.

It took me sitting down with my business partner after we closed our restaurant and saying, “What do you REALLY want to do with your life?”

Talk about having to dig deep, I knew I wanted to grow with my home based business and impact 1000’s of lives but I just didn’t know how.

I attended a live event called “No Excuses Summit” and met the most amazing people in the MLM industry. They weren’t trying to talk me into joining their business, but were teaching me and giving me tools on how to build my business. I grabbed on to the training with both hands.

It is like attending the Harvard University of MLM education. Take the course, master the skill, and set your world on fire!

Yes, I have had some set backs along the way but I continue to push forward. Knowing that my breakthrough is just a prospect call away.

Create an Intoxicating Vision

  1. Bold – Be bold with your vision
  2. Specific – Know what you want
  3. Concise – Keep it simple
  4. Consistently Communicated – Be consistent in your expression of your vision

What Is My Vision?

To help other network marketers achieve success by creating a person blog and getting social. Helping them discover that “YOU, Inc” is much more powerful then being a distributor for company XYZ.

I give away FREE training on how to build your own blog website using wordpress. My Blogging Ingredients Course is all about the mindset and creating your first blog. I keep is simple and help you implement ways to make money while promoting your home based business opportunity.

I believe that if you give value first the rest will follow.

“What vision do you have for your career or company? Yes, you need to follow your gut and do something you are passionate about. But while passion fuels the rocket, vision points the rocket to its ultimate destination.”  Steve Jobs

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Yours in Gratitude,

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