You Could Have the Greatest Home Based Business In The World…

home based businessBut if you can’t get people excited about it, it doesn’t matter.

One of the biggest challenges I had was telling my story. I didn’t think it was good enough. I didn’t believe.

The Struggle

When I got into network marketing I knew that building this business wasn’t going to be easy. It does take some hard work and effort.

I had to learn to manage my time and hold myself accountable. That isn’t always so easy. There are tons of distractions.

When I got into learning online marketing those distractions multiplied by 100’s. I was chasing every new shinny penny.

A shinny new penny meant every marketing course, lead generation, false promises, and e-book.

What I finally figures out is that the course weren’t bad… I had fear keeping me from succeeding

The Journey

Over the past year I have really begun to understand what I wanted out of my home based business. It wasn’t an easy journey and I got lost along the way.

I was overwhelmed a lot! I struggled with my brand, blog, social media, you name it I battled it.

But it took talking with leaders to figure out what my fear was. Yes, I was very afraid.

I was afraid of the life I was about to achieve, I was self sabotaging.

I would get on a roll building my business and then I would stop. I would fear picking up the phone, I would fear going online to post.

I feared leaving behind a life I was comfortable with and stepping into a life that I dreamed about.

Mastering The Message

As a home business owner I understand the challenges that most of us face. Learning how to market.

Part of learning how to market is learning to master the message.

Communication through stories is the best way to engage your audience. They want to know the real you and your struggles.

The ability to connect and inspire is part of  mastering your message.

My message is teaching and mentoring. Helping people discover their true potential and connecting that with their home based business.

The message must be consistent across the board. Don’t try to jump from one topic to the next or you will loose your following.

My failures in blogging resulted in me trying to combine topics that competed against each other.  I couldn’t talk about attraction marketing and financial education in the same blog. (it is all in the presentation) For me they seemed to attract two different types of people.

Part of mastering the message is knowing your audience and share presentation that are informational, educational, and entertaining.

Take the reader or audience on your journey. Let them in and find common ground with you.

Final Thoughts…

Figure out what makes you, You. Become passionate about something in your life.

Discover your story and be consistent in your message.

If you are going to talk about your business, be passionate about it but don’t beat people over the head with it.

Lead with value. Be a solution and not a problem.

Become the master storyteller; where your business presentation serves as the backdrop to the story.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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    2 replies to "Home Based Business – Master The Message (Part 7 of 7)"

    • Brad

      I just cant say it enough…You ROCK! I really believe, and this includes myself, that as Network Marketers when first starting our business we are in “selling” mode. This post should and will serve as a message to all that the KEY is Marketing, not just simply being a sales rep. Learning how to Market is an on going process. I struggled tremendously! Distractions were and still are everywhere! In “selling” mode one tends to forget what I consider THE golden rule: You must always give to recieve. Then as you recieve, give even more. You are very in tune with giving…and then giving more! Your passion clearly flows! I consider this a rare thing these days! Again, along with numerous others, I can not Thank you enough for being YOU…real, honest and COMPASSIONATE. You are also very humble. I hope others see the level of quality content and character you give to this industry!

      Keep on Keepin On! May you continue to receive prosperity through your giving!

      • Katrina

        I believe in leading with value. We tend to get oversold on things daily. It is in the giving that life begins to mean something. Always love when you comment. Keep moving forward and I will see you in July! Yours in Gratitude, Katrina

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