Google Plus CirclesOne of the first things you should do as a network marketers is start building your Google Plus Circles.

Google Plus Circles give you a level of authority that you will not achieve on any other platform. Hang with me till the end and I will show you how.

Over the last few days we talked about Google Plus Communities and Google Plus Hangouts as essential tools in building your MLM business.

Each of these Google+ posts showed you, the network marketer, how to create a powerful online marketing presence.

I see so few network marketers doing what I showed you, that you can use this training to really set yourself apart and actually be found online much faster than your competition.

So today we are going to talk about building your circles of influence.

Creating Google Plus Circles

When you start creating Google Plus Circles you are really creating circles of influence and you will see how in this video training.

Those last few minutes are mind blowing aren’t they?! The ability to show up in Google searches all because of your circles… now that is influence.

So what I just showed you was how to create your circles. Once you create them you can add people as you wish.

Say you are on Goolge+ or even your Gmail account, if you just hover over the box below the name you will see that it opens up and you can add that person to any circle you choose.

And just so you know… that person has no clue what list you put them on. They just know that you have connected with them.

I created a circle called “they added me” for people I don’t know and I am not sure what circle to place them in.

Most of the time I do this because their profile isn’t filled out. That will be another post coming soon!

Power of Google Plus Circles

Like I showed you in the video, by creating your circles you can be found in Google searches.

Google has set out to provide you with a level of influence that you now have to buy if you are using facebook.

When you create a post and share it on Google Plus… you can choose what circles see it.

Another really cool bonus that you saw at the end of the video was that when you have people in your circles and they write posts that have keywords that you are searching for… these posts show up in your Google search.

So if you are connected to me and search Google for Google Plus training… more than  likely you will have one of my post pop up in your search.

Talk about creating authority and a fantastic level of influence.

I hope that you now see what is possible by using Google Plus circles and using Google+ to build your network marketing business.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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