MLM BlogI honestly don’t know a single network marketer that doesn’t want traffic to their MLM blog.

We all want exposure and qualified leads looking at our products and opportunities.

Both you and I know that tons of people are right now searching the internet looking at your company and a leader to join.

So the question you have to ask yourself… Are you putting your MLM blog in front of them? Do you know how?

Google is one of the most power tools for exposing people to your MLM and you are not even a bleep on the radar. WHY???

The MLM Blog Mystery…

Well, the other day we talked about a very key component to getting more traffic to your MLM Blog. And if you missed it…

I highly suggest that you read it.. because what I am about to share with you next builds off of yesterday’s post.

How to Get Traffic To Your MLM Blog (Day 1 Training) 

And now off to solve the MLM Blog Mystery of Traffic…

As you can see from this video… there is no real mystery on how to get more traffic to your MLM blog.

All you have to know is, “what is your avatar searching for?’

Doing a bit of research and finding this out is going to save you tons of time.

My MLM Blog Secret

My biggest secret to learning how to build a MLM blog was to study others that were writing a MLM blog and building a business doing it.

I have purchased many blogging courses and taken the best of each one and put it all in one place.

I was tired of the lack of training and coaching. None of the courses I purchased offered any personal coaching. Every time I had a question about the training I just went through, I had to stop what I was doing and go and research the answer. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time and money. It was frustrating!

So when I put together Blogging Ingredients for you… I added a free group coaching piece that takes place weekly. This way you would always have a safe and non judgmental place to go to get help.

Everyone starts as a beginner and even today, I still learn and growing in my blog training.

S0, if you are not getting traffic, comments, leads, or growing your MLM business with your MLM blog… it’s time to get your hands on Blogging Ingredients.

Right now is the best time to build your MLM Blog… people are searching for you!

Did you find this blog post on Getting traffic to your MLM blog helpful? Have you used the Keyword Planner before?

Share your comments below and if you did get value, share on Facebook and Google+

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Laurel Regan

      Sounds like helpful information – thank you for sharing!

      • Katrina

        Seems a lot of people have never heard of keyword planner. A fun tool to use for sure. 🙂

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