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Get more likes on facebookReady for some free training on how to get more likes on Facebook?

Facebook is dominating the social media market and for good reason. With Facebook marketing you can stand out, get notice, and market for dirt cheap.

No wonder marketers are flocking to Facebook to build their brand and their business.

If you had talked to most home business owners 6 years ago they would have told you Facebook was a fad. Well that fad is now creating millionaires because of the simplicity of the marketing strategy I am going to share with you.

When you get more likes on Facebook, you increase your marketing reach and potential new customers. There is something very viral about Facebook and you need to be taking advantage of it.

I created this training video to show you one free simple way and 1 paid way to get more likes on Facebook.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook?

The strategy is easy but it is going to take some effort and action from you to get the ball rolling.

The first thing you have to remember is that Facebook is a social site. This means that you have to get social and build relationships. The first strategy that I teach is about building relationships. It is about engaging others and creating responses that invoke a conversation.

It is so cool when you begin commenting on others comments and spark up a great conversation. Because you have acknowledged them and engaged them, they’re more likely to become a fan of yours and that equals a Like on Facebook.

The second strategy uses Facebook Ads. You are going to create more likes on Facebook using this strategy.

These are extremely powerful and I love them because you can laser target your ad to get people to like your page that have the same interest. This is where the money is. I would make sure you watch this part of the training video.

If you would like more training on how to use Facebook to build your business. Grab this Facebook Training to learn how to create a powerful business page, posts that get engagement, how to profit right from your fan page, and so much more.

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Are you currently using Facebook to market your home business? What has been your success or struggle? Share your comment below.

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    2 replies to "Get More Likes On Facebook"

    • Mackie Hill

      This is such valuable information to small business owners. I market my business so much on Facebook and am very interested in branching out into ads since I have exhausted my personal connections on Facebook. They refer me, but I need to connect more with people I do not know and gain customers from that market. Thank you for this information.

      • Katrina

        Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool. I highly recommend using Facebook ads. It is so inexpensive and it really does get you targeted leads. Keep rocking your blog!

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