Are you a frustrated network marketer?

frustrated network marketer

Did you turn to the internet to find help building your business only to be caught up in shiny objects rabbit hole and misdirection?

Feel like everyone is promoting a different way to build your business and none of them are working?!

Ready to throw in the towel or yell at your computer?

Is your spouse, family, and friends mocking you for not making a single dime online yet?

Boy can I relate. For over 6 years I stood in your shoes. I purchased many online courses and training.

They ALL had great training but I was never able to apply the training to get the results that I saw so many “leaders” getting.

I felt like I was trying to follow a recipe but missing half of the ingredients I needed to create the dish.

I was the frustrated network marketer!

Until one fateful day when I FINALLY discovered something that actually worked.

The End of A Frustrated Network Marketer

It wasn’t the newest Tik Tok trend or Instagram training…

It is the marketing foundation that all these leaders and guru’s are selling you. They have a system in place that allows them to automate the entire process of getting leads and customers. What they are selling you is a tactic they know won’t work because you don’t have the marketing foundation in place… YET!

It’s true. Every tactic is just that… a tactic. It’s bound to fail unless you have a way to get leads and sales with an automation system. Stop hunting down your prospects and being fake in your conversation.

It’s time that you learned the truth. Are you ready?

The biggest secret to marketing online….

  • 92% of people who go online are looking for information, not to buy.

Read that line again.

People are going online to look for information… if you want to get in front of your audience, learn how to educate people.

Frustrated Network Market vs Successful Network Marketer

What causes frustration is chasing one shiny object after another. Many network marketers do this when they jump from one company to the next.

What needs to happen is you investing in your self development. It’s not the companies, it’s the mindset, the focus, the willingness to make mistakes and keep going.

A successful network marketers does 2 things.

  1. Blinders – They make a decision to purchase one system and learn one traffic strategy. They are focused.
  2. Value Leader – They continue to invest in their education and training, all the while sharing what they are learning with their team or downline.

First learn to help others, become the authority on one thing.

If you want to build your business start with the basics. Begin with my beginner’s guide to building your automation system that gets you leads and sales without spending a dime on ads.

>> All it takes is grabbing my Five Minute Blog Recipe

Blogging and owning your digital real estate online is the key to unlocking massive success in your business. At the time of writing this post, Web3.0 has hundreds of big business, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a virtual, decentralized web.

Your website and blog content will be critical to building your team and increasing your customers sales. When you begin to do business in the metaverse aka web3.0, people will be asking for your links to your business not your social media site.

Inside the Five Minute Blog Recipe, I share one of the best kept secrets from those that really do want to build a six figure business in their network marketing company.

There are so few leaders that share this with the those outside of their organization and today I’m breaking that silence. It’s time you got to see the truth for yourself.

So my question for you is this…

What are you going to do today to end your struggle as a frustrated network marketer and finally get the results you want in building your business online?

If you want to stop being a frustrated network marketer and start being a successful network marketer, learn the one skill that 90% of network marketers fail to learn.

That mindset and skill are found inside this training. —> Five Minute Blog Recipe

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina

P.S. I’m looking for female entrepreneurs who would be open to being beta testers for a new female business education system. I’ve developed an entirely new approach to business for women. It focuses on the female business model. I’m calling it the Female Millionaire Code. Join a live workshop and see if this is right for you!

    4 replies to "Frustrated Network Marketer, Is This You?"

    • Stacy Russell

      Most companies tell you to talk to as many people as you can but if you don’t know how to find prospects after your warm market it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product to sell them. Offline still works but with the current health crisis learning online marketing is key. I found masting one social media at a time has been the key for me. I started with FB but switched to Pinterest with greater success.

      • Katrina

        Hi Stacy! I do agree, online and offline prospects are key to growing any network marketing business. I too have made the switch to Pinterest and love what I’ve been able to accomplish and what my students are doing. Love knowing a fellow Pinner! ~Katrina

    • Jaye Carden

      You made a very good point in this. Just getting a lead is not enough to make it. We have to know all the steps. Get the traffic, convert the lead, convert the sale. Great content Katrina!

      • Katrina

        Thank You Jaye. Most people have no idea how to build online. But once they find out! Magic! 🙂

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