Where to find Free training?

Are you home and wondering how and where to get free training to start your online business?

Like many of us right now, we are at home, maybe out of a job and the world we lived in no longer exists. During this time things are shifting from offline to online.

During this time I believe that more local businesses will close forever and the number of online businesses will explode. It’s an interesting time.

That is what has me share today’s post with you. There are a lot of amazing digital marketing companies that I have been learning from for the past few years.

These are trusted resources and while we are in this downtime, a good time to plugin and take advantage of some free training and tools.

Free Training Available to Learn Digital Marketing

There is some incredible free training that is taking place in the digital marketing world right now. If you are looking to get started or have been wondering what I should learn next, these are some of my favorites.

Digital Marketer

This company has been around for years and is an excellent resource for online digital marketing training. From the basics of online marketing to the advance, Digital Marketer has you covered.

Plus they are opening up their certification course which can be a huge benefit if you are looking to create a side gig or turn this online marketing into your full time income.

For a limited time, they have opened up their lab to everyone free of charge until the end of the month. March 31, 2020. They might extend it, but not sure yet.

So if you want access… grab your free access to the Digital Marketer Lab

Yoast SEO

One of my favorite blog plugins for WordPress users and the best SEO training to boot! I love that they are offering free training right now on everything SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

As an online marketer, one of the greatest assets you own online is your website. Your website is your home base and allows you to be found and indexed by the search engines.

So if you want to add the long marketing game to your strategy, or want to understand the power of a blog… Grab this free training for All-around SEO training by the amazing Yoast company!

This SEO training is also good to learn for platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Ads. ?


As you know Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to use to build and brand your online business. It is a visual search engine that allows your brand and/or business to be searchable on Pinterest.

With over 335 million active monthly users, Pinterest states that over 55% of their users are there to buy. Begging the question is your business on Pinterest?

If you want to add Pinterest to your online marketing strategy, now is the time to grab my free training for ‘How To Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account‘.

I’m doing this training live so that we can work virtually side by side to get your Pinterest Business account set up correctly so that you have the unfair advantage of using it to generate leads and sales.

Facebook Business Page

Are you looking for some help in getting your Facebook Business Page up?

I highly recommend Hilary DeFreitas. She is a Social Media Manager with over 5 year of experience running social media account for some top Digital Marketing companies.

She is in demand and during this time is looking to support small businesses where she can. So she is offering to build out your entire Facebook Business Page for just $20. This does include graphic design.

This is a steal of a deal! Grab her while you can! This is one deal you do not want to miss!

Coaches Offering Free Training or Session, or Group Access

Having been in the online digital marketing space for over a decade now, I’ve learned from and trained some incredible mentors.

Over the last week, I’ve seen them reach out and offer their services or even opened up their coaching schedule to offer free training, conversations, support, and so much more.

Here is the beginning of a list of Coaches & Mentors that I recommend.

Network Marketing Coaches

Bob Clarke: Network Marketing coach for those that are building their business Part-Time. He is an expert that can work with you to create your income producing activities to do while holding down a full time job.

Bob is amazing at helping you get focused and take the daily steps needed to keep your business going. Grab a session with him! Just let him know that I sent ya.

Karin Angelly: Network Marketing coach for those that want to learn how to build their business online using social media. She has been in the network marketing industry for over 5 years and has built her business both belly to belly and using specific tools online.

I highly recommend you book a call with her to help you get unstuck and into action with your social media marketing. Grab a session with her! Again, just let her know that I sent ya!

Digital Marketing & Business Coaches

Domingo Silvas: Want to learn how to scale your business in just 90 days? I can’t say enough about the impact and the amazing coaching I’ve had with Domingo. He is a gentle giant with a knack for business.

Domingo recently opened up his “The Scale 8UP Method (90 Day Success Plan) that I think you should absolutely join.

Jessica Brace: Want to learn how to do video marketing? Jessica was my first video coach and I wouldn’t be where I am without her guidance.

She is a powerhouse in the world of digital marketing and I highly recommend joining her new community Entrepreneur Support Group!

Free Online Tools or Free Month Trials to Take Advantage Of

Right now there are a lot of great tools that can be used to build your business online. Below is a list of tools that I use online and I know work. Plus they have an amazing support team.

So here is my list of tools that I recommend. You don’t have to use them all. Only choose the ones you need to grow your business. Often less is more. Get good at using a few of these tools and then add. Some of these tools that I’m recommending I am an affiliate for.

Meaning I love the tool so much and share it with so many people that I found out that they will pay me a small commission for sharing tools I love and use. They call this affiliate marketing and it’s something I recommend you do too. Always be looking to see if companies offer affiliate programs. ?

? Young Entrepreneur Project: A training system with training and systems I know every entrepreneur can use to grow & scale their business. If you want access to top entrepreneur training, this is it. Optin and learn how the Young Entrepreneur Project can help you grow your business. I promise there is magic on the other side of this email opt-in. ?

? Zoom: a powerful video conferencing tool that you can use to have coaching calls, meetings, training, and connecting to people. Grab the free version and you can host meetings for up to 40 minutes.

? Canva: Image editing tool that I use for both Pinterest pins and social media images. I love and use this tool for creating all my social media and marketing graphics. If you are online, you will need images. Learn how to use this tool. You can create e-books, online graphics, and so much more. Here is your free version!

This is just the start of this list and resources. Let me know if you have any other free training, coaching, or resources that you recommend.

Now is the time to go out and invest in yourself and learn skills that can support you in growing your business.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

P.S. Now is the time to grow. Use these resources to grow. Let’s do this!