Marketing SecretsFour marketing secrets that I just found out about sharing content. On a few of these my jaw dropped open and for a moment I looked like a bloated goldfish. Crazy but true.

In my research for today’s blog post I went looking for secrets. You know the stuff the guru’s and bigwigs don’t share with the new kid on the block.

Now mind you I had to do some digging, read through a couple of articles and some of my resources are locked away behind a membership wall.

Like when I get great tips from What’s Working Now publication. You have got to be a member to access this amazing training and education. But if you are willing to spend a buck… then click here.

If not then lets continue on.

Marketing secrets are basically what you don’t know. Which is why it’s important to focus on one social media platform and learn how to use it to get leads. I am going to try to distract you by sharing some marketing secrets from different platforms and people.

Even though it is all cool… stay focused!

Marketing Secrets Revealed

What I am about to reveal to you, I did source from slideshare. But these marketing secrets are sooooo good, I just had to share. One site should not horde all this fantastic training!

In no particular order… Jaw dropping Marketing secrets.

  • LinkedIn & Twitter are in bed together. This had me saying “holy crap!”

If you’re a B2B Marketer,  LinkedIn should be one of your key channels for sharing content, generating traffic and leads. You probably know that if your content achieves front-page Trending prominence on LinkedIn Today, it can add thousands of visitors a day to your site. To be come Trending, your content needs to be shared. OK. So far so good.

Well here’s the secret – the one thing that can transform the traffic you receive to your content. And you have to promise to keep this a secret.

Do NOT post your update onto Twitter directly or through a third-party client. That’s right. Make it a LinkedIn update and then – are you listening? – tick the ‘tweet this update’ box on LinkedIn. That’s it. The end results is the same for your followers on Twittter – but every single re-tweet will also count as a LinkedIn share, and thus turbo-charge your chances of making it a Trending article on LinkedIn Today.  This one process can transform the traffic you receive from LinkedIn.  (Tip From: Todd Wheatland)

  • Socializing – If you write it… they will see it doesn’t exist… You have to tell people.

How can you get your content seen by other? Assuming you’ve truly developed and educational masterpiece free from hype, people are going to want to share it. But most won’t.Why?

Because we’re all lazy

Yep, I said it.

So how can you make people’s action step so seamless and so effortless that they’ll gladly share your content with their peers?

The answer lies in embedding social share. [Tweet “People want to share content but most won’t. Why? Because they are lazy.”]

  • Attraction Marketing – What you need to know is: ‘Content Marketing is about identifying the content your audience is looking for, and distributing it to all the places they look for it.’ –Michael Brenner

I would say a big piece of this is knowing who you are talking to. Who or what is your niche? Answer that question and you will have more success online. One of my favorite training programs is the Attraction Marketing Formula.

  • Answer Questions

Answer every single question you’ve ever received from a prospect or customer. How?

1. Write each question out in a full sentence form on a sheet of paper. Come up with at least 50 to start with.

2. Take each of those questions and make them into a blog post

3. Answer every single one as if you were explaining it to a friend at the coffee shop

NEVER ignore a question. The key to this is the willingness to address EVERY SINGLE ONE! -Marcus Sheridan

Now I know these may not seem like secrets now that you have read them, but trust me when I say few practice these secrets daily.

I use answering questions as one of my biggest marketing secrets to success. Every time I work with a client and they ask a question… eventually it gets turned into a blog post or video training.

By doing this I can share these answers over and over again. Letting my content do the talking for me.

Do you have any marketing secrets you would like to share? Comment below!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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