Fire Your Boss

Got a call from from my friend Hilary the other day, she told me she turned in her notice. She fired her boss.

What makes this so interesting is that I only met Hilary about 6 months ago in my private mastermind group for online marketers.

Hilary was a total “newbie” to online marketing. She struggled for a couple of years trying to build her network marketing business, but wasn’t having much success.

So like you, she turned to the internet to find a better way. She stumbled across a system called attraction marketing formula. (affiliate link)

The attraction marketing formula teaches network marketers on how to build a personal brand by leading with value. How to give something away in exchange for an email, and from there open up a conversation about your home business opportunity.

It was inside my private mastermind group that I was able to share with Hilary how to build a personal brand and the steps needed to create a replacement income.

In 6 months, Hilary had a skill set and knowledge that freed her from her corporate job and allowed her to work from home with her family.

Today, Hilary is now the mom of 3 beautiful girls, runs her own social media marketing agency and is thankful every day that she had the opportunity to be mentored by me.

So now you might be curious… how does someone go from brand new, no online marketing experience to running her own business in just three years? I’m glad you asked.

It all began because she fired her boss in just 6 months by learning this…

How to Fire Your Boss

How to fire your boss in just six months is going to take learning a new skill set. Just like you have a skill for the job you are currently in, learning how to build and market online requires investing in your education.

To truly fire your boss you are going to have to invest in either a system you can leverage or build a system yourself.

The easiest place to start is to leverage a system, and the best system you can leverage is one that not only educates and trains you but allows others to access this training and you get paid a commission. The system I recommend you leverage to build a side income that has the ability to help you replace your job income and allow you to fire your boss is the Young Entrepreneur Project.

How to do you use this system to fire your boss?

  1. Get access to an elite community of entrepreneurs that are using the Young Entrepreneur Projects training and tools to build and generate another stream of income without taking them away from what is important to you.
  2. Use the training inside this system in your business. Access top entrepreneurial training and choose the path you desire to build your business with. Every journey is different.
  3. Implement one of the incentive marketing strategies that YEP offers to generate endless leads, customer appreciation, and retention.
  4. Refer and Earn

The first thing to do is take a tour of the Young Entrepreneur Project.

When you choose to join, you will get access to my Elite FB group where I will work with you to support you in building your business with the tools YEP provides.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve helped network marketers and small business owners build and scale their business. And today I’m sharing the best system and tools that I believe are available to you.

I wanted to give you a community of like minded people that wanted to help you because they cared.

If you have the drive and the passion to succeed, then nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams. But having a mentor and a team to help you, makes all the difference in the world.

When Will You Fire Your Boss?

If you believe that you can fire your boss in 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months… then I invite you to join the Young Entrepreneur Project.

I’m looking for those that really do want to learn the skills to fire their boss and create a full-time income either sharing the value of being a member of the Young Entrepreneur Project or wants access to this elite community of entrepreneurs that are supporting each other in building a business that matters to them.

You won’t find a better group or a better mentor, that is hell-bent on helping you create success.

Are you ready to fire your boss? ….

Welcome to the Young Entrepreneur Project. See you inside our mastermind group!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina