Top 3 Resources for Content for Your Blog

Finding content for your blog is easy, once you know where to look.

Most of us get hung up on thinking we have to create all the content for our blog. This is soooo not true.

Heck you can be a crappy writer and still but together a top notch blog. It is all how you approach it.

If you are comfortable in front of the camera you can just record yourself and post that. Cuts down a lot of writing time! LOL

If you like to give reviews you can do that also. There are tons of way in which you can have fun with your blog.

So what are my 3 top resources for finding content for your blog?

1. Find people of influence! (so many people overlook this but it is really cool)

2. A website that collects all the best blog post across the web –

3. Google+ communities – a wealth of information

Remember it is very important to engage on the blogs your read. Leave a comment or ask a question if you are unclear. The idea is to engage and be a part of the community. Build the relationship.

People go online to find information, so make sure your blog has a purpose. Also make sure that if you are commenting on something you learned from another blog, give some blog love and make sure you link back to that blog. Play it forward.

And last but not least HAVE FUN!!!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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