FB Fan Page – Get More Fans

Just got off the phone with a prospect asking about FB Fan Page and How to Get More Fans.

They had found me because of my Facebook Fan page and they wanted to know how I had achieved 1000 likes.

Would you like to know that answer to this also? I am pretty sure you can receive the same results.

First I want to share with you a quick video so you understand the purpose of a FB Fan Page and how to get more fans.

FB Fan Page is pretty easy to set up but to get more fans could be a struggle

In the video I share with you 3 things you need to know about your fb fan page in terms of getting traffic and fans.

  1. Like and engage other fb fan pages from your fan page.  You would want to follow people of interest and other leaders. Look for those that have a lot of engagement and become a part of that conversation. 
  2. Get your family and friends to like your fb fan page. When you first set up your fb fan page you are asked to like your page, which I recommend and then you can invite others to like your fb fan page.  If you are in network marketing this will let you know who wants to learn more about what you do. Good way to keep family and friends and not get blocked or removed. LOL  (note: that only likes from personal pages count towards your page likes, other fan page likes do not)
  3. FB fan page to personal page is NOT ALLOWED. I repeat you can not like a personal page from your fb fan page.  It is considered illegal and falls inside the privacy act. Even though you are thinking…”but it is just me”.  Nope! You have set yourself up as a business once you created your fb fan page.

One of the biggest secrets of marketing on Facebook is the engagement. As much as possible comment on others comments. Engage and provide value. By doing this people will naturally want to learn more about you and will click on your page to learn more. This is how simple it is to build relationships online.

One of my biggest influence on learning how to build my brand on Facebook was Michelle Pescosolido and her course “Get More Fans – Social Media Mastery“. This course helped me understand some of the mistakes I was making and also taught me how to use Facebook pay per click marketing for just pennies a day to build my business.  Really got a lot of value out of this course and can’t recommend it enough. I think everyone should have this in their library.

Real quick I want to share with you… I used the skills I learned in Get More Fans – Social Media Mastery to help sponsor my page also and that helped boost my Likes on my page quite a bit. Thanks Michelle for sharing all your knowledge!

Thanks you for joining me here today. I hope you learn some cool stuff about facebook. If you did would love to hear from you. Comment below and share your fb fan page!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    6 replies to "FB Fan Page – Get More Fans"

    • Laurie

      Thanks for these tips, Katrina!

      The most challenging part for me is finding the time to engage and interact with people. I barely have enough time to write my blog posts, much less comment on comments! But I totally get that it’s a valuable way to increase your Facebook fan base.

      Stay true to you,

      • Katrina

        I do recommend using Hootsuite to do post. Schedule them… then just make sure you like or comment back when someone does. Do it on your time. People know you are busy. But they do appreciate a reply and a comment. Keep rocking it!

    • Linda Luke

      Thank you for the reminder that I need to pay some attention to my page. It is easy to get sidetracked after it is set up and not continue engaging with other people. I really appreciate this info.

      • Katrina

        Just remember to ask questions. Share quotes. Let them your fans know that you are there for them. 🙂 Stay true and have fun.

    • Vanessa Terrell

      Great information! Thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        My pleasure. I find Facebook a fascinating place to play and build my business. Have fun!

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