How many times have you hear someone say… “Fake it till you make it!”

Probably more times then you have heard “Faith it till you make it.”

In 2020 everything changed and with it came the knowledge that job security isn’t always secure. For the first time the world became unemployeed with only ‘essential’ workers having the opportunity to work.

Businesses have closed, shut down, bankrupt, and gone forever from our entrepreneurial landscape. Many businesses learned how to move their entire workforce online to create a work from home environment that many thought would NEVER happen.

For the first time many are looking for a side hustle, an opportunity, residual income, and multiple streams of income.

The entrepreneurial landscape changed in a heartbeat. More and more people are flocking to the internet to find something, anything, to create another income stream… and the question I have is…

“Are they ready to Faith It Till They Make It?”

What do I mean?

Entrepreneurial Journey of a Chef

My entrepreneurial journey began in the 7th grade. I sold Laffey Taffy for $0.25 a piece or 5 for $1 to the kids at school. At the end if the day I was able to take my earnings, pocket half as profit and the other half bought another jar of Laffey Taffy.

Oh YES! I was an entrepreneur!

My heart said I was an entrepreneur and my parents said, “Go to school, get good grades and get a good job.”

I worked for Disney for over 12 years rising in rank from hourly to salaried.

I followed the path of getting a job at Walt Disney World and I thought, “YES! This is what I’ve been working hard for…”

I wasn’t happy. If anything my workdays were longer and I was always on call with my cool BlackBerry!

Right around this time of year, I sat down at my table with a calendar in front of me and I circled April 1st. That was it. I knew what day I was retiring from the corporate kitchen.

With no safety net, no savings, or money in the bank beyond 3 months, I leaped. I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship.

“I did the Leap of Faith”

Faith It Till You Make It

What does it mean to faith it till you make it.

It’s trusting God or the universe if you prefer, that you are on a journey that will challenge everything you know and what you don’t know yet.

Faith it till you make it means that you are going to struggle. “You are going to struggle through the process of being a follower to an up-and-coming Leader, to then be recognized as a Leader.”

This is not an easy path for many of us that want instant results, instant sales, and an instantly successful business. This journey is simple, not easy. It requires that you invest in yourself and learn about who you are on this journey.

Mentorship is going to be key. Whether it’s from books or paying for mentorship. If you want to fast track your success, find someone that has what you want, do what they do, and you’ll get what you want.

Don’t go on this entrepreneurial journey along. If you find you don’t have support from your family and friends in the beginning, don’t stress it. They are concerned and only want the best for you.

All this means is that you need to find a community of entrepreneurs to join. Find a network that will support you, challenge you, grow you, and give you the skill to become a Leader.

Over the years I’ve been part of many communities and my favorite one to date is definitely the Young Entrepreneur Project. This community is for entrepreneurs of all ages and levels of entrepreneurship. Here I have access to mentorship, training, tools, resources, marketing leverage, brand equity, and so much more. This community has pushed me to grow and with it, my business has grown also.

From this personal and business growth I was asked to become one of YEP’s master coaches for the Freedom Challenge. I now train alongside entrepreneurs like James Malinchak, Kevin Harrington, and others.

What’s really cool is that we give away mass amounts of actionable training for free. We don’t charge for you to attend these 5 days of training. The reason it is called a challenge is that it will challenge you as an entrepreneur. It will have you look deeper, dig deeper, and become your most authentic self in your business.

Now I don’t know what this challenge will do for your business…

And do you have faith? Do you have faith that there are no coincidences and that you are reading this post for a reason?

I believe. I wrote this post for you.

Stay strong. While you might be a solopreneur you should never be building your business on your own.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

P.S. “Soul, you have the heart of a lion, strong and courageous. Let nothing distract you, let nobody discourage you from your daily communion with the one who created you.” – Matthew Kelly

    7 replies to "Faith It Till You Make It"

    • chef William

      Great article. I have been using faith throughout my life in the kitchen and it has saved me many times. Now that I m retired I continue my life with faith-driven help. I don’t dance but I do spend time with my dogs, all 15 of them. It’s a rescue thing with me and they return so much love.

    • Heidi Albertson

      Being a part of the Young Entrepreneur Project has kept me motivated and encouraged to keep at it. I get pushed by my peers and mentors and I am growing in my mindset and skills. Love this journey!!!
      Thank you for being a part of it!!

      • Katrina

        Hey Heidi, I love being on this journey of entrepreneurship with you. I admire you as a leader and what you are able to accomplish. Thank you for leading and helping others grow as entrepreneurs. The impact you are creating is leaving a ripple effect. Appreciate you. ~Katrina

    • Great post Katrina! Your positive attitude helps you with your faith no doubt.
      I think it also might be a believe in one’s self to make changes and move into new
      arenas. Fear stops so many. Good for you! Wishing you the best on your new journey!

      • Katrina

        Hey Anne! I would agree, both fear and limiting belief can hold us back from many extraordinary life experiences. Getting into action is key which is what had me share Faith it till you make it… because the many different action to take to find the right one that works for you is the journey. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post and be part of this amazing challenge. ~Katrina

    • Jeanine Byers

      Faith is what I am reaching for, so thank you for the encouragement!

      • Katrina

        It is a journey. And faith as an entrepreneur is a much needed skill to learn and trust. I just finished reading a book called, “I heard God Laugh” it is an amazing book on creating the habit of prayer and a fresh look at how to pray. Thank you for commenting and taking time to read my post today. ~Katrina

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