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Still not using Facebook Ads to market and build your business?

Afraid of throwing money away on ads that don’t convert or drive traffic?

Don’t completely understand how to create an ad?

Then I have a very special webinar that you don’t want to miss. Let me introduce Curt Maly.

Curt Maly spends on average $75,000.00 a month on Facebook ad, to test and perfect his strategy.

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook invited him to a “HUSH, HUSH” meeting where they reveals tips and tricks to getting better conversions and hoards of laser-targeted visitors.

Well, needless to say, Curt can’t keep his mouth shout and he is spilling the beans.

Curt runs wildly successful Facebook campaigns for some of the biggest online players, spending upwards of $75,000 a month on ads.

Which is why you will never hear some of the profit pulling secrets Curt has uncovered from anyone else.

Here’s just some of what you’re going to discover on this LIVE no-holds-barred training webinar…

  • What Facebook really wants to see in your campaigns to send you hoards of laser-targeted visitors… revealed to Curt by actual Facebook reps.
  • Amazing strategies and tactics that are producing results right now… and how you can begin using them the minute you get off the call.
  • One simple ad posting secret that has slashed the cost of our leads by 70%
  • 3 MAJOR improvements Facebook is making that will completely change the way you advertise your business forever.
  • The #1 mistake you want to AVOID or risk getting permanently banned from Facebook.

And a heckuva a lot more!

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Facebook Power Code Bonus


Instant Access…

To the replay of the original training, where I reveal the shockingly simple reason why most people LOSE MONEY advertising on Facebook.

You see…

There are 3 things you absolutely must have to profit from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

1.You must know who to target and how to target them.

2. Your ad must capture their attention and speak directly to them.

3. There must be a perfect congruence between your ad and the landing page.

Miss just one of these, and you can kiss your profits good-bye. In fact… you’ll be losing money faster than lies coming out of a politician’s mouth.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Because when you have all 3 pieces of puzzle, you can virtually print money on demand.

While most are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to eitherget clicks… OR… how to turn the clicks they are getting (and often overpaying for them) into profits… some of us who are “in the know” are making a killing.

Using simple but extremely powerful strategies. Scooping up laser-targeted visitors… turning them into qualified leads… and making a boatload of sales. And the income that comes with it.


You may be thinking you’ve heard stuff like this before.

Yet I’m willing to bet, hardly anyone would openly share the private and sensitive information inside their own Facebook account, revealing their entire strategy.

Here’s The Deal…

This Thursday, April 3rd, at 9pm Eastern Time, I’m inviting you to join me for a special private workshop.

You’ll watch Nick LIVE as he log’s into our company account… pull back the curtain on one of my recent campaigns… and show you step-by-step how he literally turned $71.44 (his entire ad spend to the penny) into…

$2,341.00 Pure Profit

Now here’s the kicker…

Even though these strategies are little-known to many, once you see my exact process in action, you’ll be able to duplicate it, and crank out as many of these campaigns as you’d like.

Starting with as little as FIVE BUCKS a day for your entire budget. (I spent a whopping $14 per day making almost $500 back the very same day.)

Insane, right?

Here’s just some of what you’re going to discover on this LIVE and one-time-only training presentation…

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I know I have spent $1,000 and not gotten one lead or sale from Facebook… but once I learned the secrets found inside this training, I began turning a profit. I spend $25 and profited $297 with just one sale.

This training works, and I use it and recommend it.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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