Vision boards are all the rage for entrepreneurs. In our journey of building a business at some point, we stumble upon the training for vision boards. Creating our vision of what we want, desire, and aspire to have in our lives.

Yet, did you know that most vision board training isn’t geared toward women? In my research over the past two years, I’ve come to some startling conclusions about business training and entrepreneurial training that isn’t serving women.

A vision board is the WRONG description of what women want. For years I struggled with my vision board and the images I was supposed to have or use to create my ideal life. It didn’t always pull me forward. Have you ever experienced that? Ever wonder why you weren’t manifesting what you desired in your life?

In today’s live video training, we have a candid, truth-bomb-filled discussion about female pleasure boards and what they actually look and feel like. This is a training you don’t want to miss! Ladies, let me know your thoughts!

Vision Board vs Pleasure Board

When it comes to, envisioning your life, family, business, money, health, and spirituality, the term vision board isn’t what women really desire. While some might argue with me about the nuance of my words, I’ve come to find that words are everything when connecting women to their pleasures and desires.

Step one:

Men – Look

Women – Feel

Men look. It is scientifically proven that men are visual creatures. Visualizing, fantasies, and looking good are all driving forces of the masculine energy that men use to experience the world. This explains why men traditionally teach vision boards as a way to experience growth in business, finances, and the lifestyle they want. They have to see it.

Women feel. It is scientifically proven that women are sensual creatures. Touch, feel, compassion, and empathy are the driving forces of the feminine energy that women use to experience the world. Yet many of us women have lost touch with our bodies and pleasure. I’m about to share something radically with you.

As a female entrepreneur, you should be creating your pleasure board. I explain why in the video training above. A pleasure board is NOT about sex. It’s about what gives you pleasure in your day-to-day life. That first sip of coffee in the morning. The feel of silk against your skill. The experience of taking your family on a vacation of a lifetime. The experience of feeling good in your body.

Just to be totally transparent… I struggled with the pleasure board as a way to redefine the vision board. The word, pleasure felt dirty. I immediately associate it with sex. It didn’t feel natural to share my own pleasure when most of my life has been taking care of other people. Being that ‘servant leader’.

What goes on a Pleasure Board?

Anything you want ladies! This is for your pleasure. I share my ideas about this in the video.

Instead of having a 2D board with a bunch of pictures, what if you brought it to life through texture, dimension, and your five senses? What does your pleasure board feel like? How do you want to experience life?

How do you want to feel? What words bring you joy? What faces make you smile? Are ther fabrics or textures you want on your pleasure board? Do you have sound on your pleasure board? I dare you to go beyond what you see, and create the pleasures you want in your life.

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Did you get value from today’s training? Please comment and let me know your thoughts. I love hearing from you!

Yours in gratitude,

Chef Katrina