As a Network Marketer Are You Playing on Google+?

I have been doing quite a few hangouts recently on Google+ with Network Marketers.

I am loving the platform and find it truly engaging for business to business relationships.

I wanted to do a quick video and show you some of the highlights of Google+.

No I don’t think Facebook is ever going to go away but it is always nice to have a little more freedom to post and engage with your audience. I haven’t noticed it yet but so far Google isn’t telling me what posts I should or shouldn’t read. 🙂

As a network marketer Google+ has tons of social layers and a great place to engage and interact.

Where else can you host a google hangout and be recorded live? Use local to find out what is recommended by your peers. It is all about engagement and Google wants you to engage!

Go now and experience the fun on Google+

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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