Massive ActionHow many times have you heard people say they took massive action and got results?

Most of the top entrepreneurs in the world will tell you that they took some sort of massive action to get where they are today.

And if you are anything like me, I think massive action is MASSIVE!

These leaders and entrepreneurs have to be doing 20 thousand things a day… and I know back when I was working I didn’t have time for that.

Heck I was lucky if I could accomplish anything with my schedule.

The Massive Action LIE

So can I share something ground breaking with you?

What Massive Action Really Look Like

As I shared with you inside the video massive action isn’t quite so massive.

The reality is that massive action is the commitment to doing something daily.

At first you may get ZERO results from the one daily action you take. You may get discouraged, disappointed, or even angry.

These are all normal reaction to wanting results fast. We live in a world were our every wish is at our fingertips. With cellphone, tv, and computers we can access information faster than ever before.

But what we forget is that we are human. We are building a relationship with humans. We take a little more time to process information. We want to do some research. Follow you on social media for a while. Get a sense of who you are. Build a form of trust.

All these things can only be accomplished if you are taking consistent daily action. That action can be posting on Facebook. Calling a prospect. Attending a Networking event. Writing a blog post. Creating a video. Sending an email.

But choose one method to deliver your message and do it daily. Once you are getting consistent results, only then, can you add another platform to play on.

You can’t be every where at once. You will burn yourself out and things will start falling through the cracks and the next thing you know you aren’t taking any action at all.

So remember…

Take one action daily and be willing to commit to that action for 1 year.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    4 replies to "Exposing The “Massive Action” LIE!"

    • Jaye Carden

      Doing a daily strategy and staying on top of it will surely pull results eventually. You make a good point about massive action, and made massive seem more doable!

      • Katrina

        Hey Jaye! We all want results super fast but consistency is key. committing to doing a profitable action daily is really what makes all the difference.

    • David Ingham

      Katrina thanks for sharing doing one thing each day and that will create massive results 🙂

      This will help me not to do too many things every day.



      • Katrina

        Hi David! So many of us get overwhelmed when we get online. So I work to focus people on to play on one platform. Do one thing and just be consistent. The results are staggering for many of my clients. So stay focused and have fun!

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