I need helpIt’s true. Even I need help.

Last night my mentor and friends with Elite Marketing Pro hosted an end of summer, “put us to work” for you event.

The purpose of this event was to get us to submit our questions and links to capture pages, blogs, and so forth for review.

I will have to admit. I am a huge wuss when it comes to getting my stuff critiqued by the pro’s.

My stomach gets all knotted up, my palms get a little sweaty… and I think, “they are just going to laugh at me.”

Yes I have had success in what I am about to show them but it still is nerve racking to have them review my stuff.

But even the I need help….

Even I need help

So I putting it on the chopping block. I sacrificed myself to my mentors and asked for help. Something I struggle with.

I am truly independent by nature. If I can do it on my own I will. And the reality is that this has hurt me more than it has helped me.

I don’t know it all, and I can’t learn everything. I have strengths and they are not in everything.

As I have learned with online marketing over the past year. Focus what you are passionate in and you will never work a day in your life.

Well, I am passionate about teaching, helping others, and blogging.

I struggle with Copywriting, Building Capture Pages, and Building my funnels.

Even I need help and an outside pair of eyes. Sometimes we don’t see what we are close to.

So last nights review of my Blogging Ingredients capture page was eye opening. I really enjoyed the feedback, critiques, and suggestions.

For as bad as this capture page was, Tim and the EMP also gave me plenty of suggestions to improve and make it better. Just little adjustments.

Now I Need Your Help

Toward the end of the video I showed you the before and after of the capture page that was reviewed. I made some adjustment and now I would like your opinion.

What do you think of the capture page? If I were to survey you, what do you want to know about blogging?

I ask that you leave your comments down below. The more public feedback I get the better.

Thank you so much for helping me with this project. I really appreciate your help.

Oh and if you want to see the review and hear what Tim and the EMP had to say click Chef’s Blogging Ingredients Capture Page Review

My review begins at minute 36.45.

I also recommend watching the rest of the reviews. They are very insightful and hopefully can held guide you also.

So leave your comments, questions, and feedback in the comment section. Love to know what you think! 🙂

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    2 replies to "Even I Need Help"

    • Jaye Carden

      One thing I have learned, is to always remain a student. No matter how much you learn, someone can show you something new. As far as your capture pages go, I think adding arrows to it was good. The offer is a good one in my opinion with the webinar. From what I have learned the arrows help raise the % of opt ins higher. My most successful webinar I had was from using article marketing to promote it, and lots of social media. If you can get the right offer, and a good page like yours you shown, you will explode the attendance. Wish I had time to watch the other video you mentioned, but you did leave a good one on your page! Much success to you!

      • Katrina

        Hey Jaye, Thank you for the feedback. I originally removed the arrows after the review but once reading your comment, I did add them back. I think it does draw the eye to the optin form.
        Thank you for your insight and comments. Really appreciate it.

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