Take Advantage of Email Marketing

email marketingIf you are not practicing email marketing you might as well be throwing all your efforts into a fire.

You could have the greatest blog, the best information but if you are not capturing your readers email address, then you are not doing business.

A blog is your business landing site but you need customers and more importantly you need return customers.

Email Marketing for Profit

It doesn’t matter if you have a network marketing business or a brick and mortar business you still need to be creating an email list.

Email marketing is about staying if front of your readers and customers and letting them know about your business.

I always give the example…

McDonalds is a well know business. Over a Billion fries sold for crying out loud. They are on every street corner and in almost every country.

If they are so well know… why do they continue to advertise? What is the point? They shouldn’t have to continue spending hundreds of thousands on marketing.

But they do.

It is so that they can stay in front of their audience. Keep the return customers.

It is far cheaper to sell or promote something to an email list than it is to acquire a new customer.

Those that sign up for your newsletter, e-book, or training course are trusting you with their email address.

Don’t Destroy the Trust of You E-mail Marketing List

The fastest way to destroy the trust of your list to to send them sales letters.

Getting them to buy something at every turn, heck I will even go as far as calling it spam!

Instead start sending educational letters. Send them free training or something you just learned.

Be a voice of education and a resource.

Be thankful for your list. Offer them a special or a reward for signing up with you.

If you do special training you can share it with your list. Let them know that because they have signed up with you they will get a recorded replay of the training.

Build trust with your list. Get to know them and let them get to know you.

Be of value and be positive.

Get started and build your list. I have a recommended resource for email marketing. Click on the tab for valuable resources at the top of this blog and learn which email marketing companies I am a fan of.

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