Elite Marketing Pro Question“So just tell me the truth… does Elite Marketing Pro really work for network marketers?”

This is the number one question that I am asked when I share Elite Marketing Pro with network marketers.

The second question…

“How does promoting Elite Marketing Pro and their products help ME build my MLM?”

At this point I chuckle and say… “Did you click on a link to learn a better way to build your business? Do you think your downline will do the same?”

Usually I get a lot of silence at this point in the conversation.

So let me totally honest here….

The purpose of you going online is not for you but for your team.

You have turned to the internet because your upline failed you. They don’t have the skills or training you need to be successful in your business. If they did, you would already be using a system and getting training.

So because your upline failed you, you turned to the internet. You started seeking out leaders and training, trying to find a good place to call home.

But like many of us in the network marketing industry we get distracted by all the new shiny objects that promise a better, faster way to build our business.

Let’s get real for a moment… There is no fast way to build a business. Why?

Because there is a learning curve you are going to have to go through. You are going to have to learn attraction marketing, blogging, posting for purpose, video, twitter, facebook, and the list goes on…

I haven’t learned what I know over night and you should expect to either. You joined network marketing for the long term, for financial security.

Then commit to being a student and applying what you are learning.

So here is my thoughts on… “Does Elite Marketing Pro really help me build my MLM?”

Elite Marketing Pro Secret

Elite Marketing Pro is like a university. It is one of the most prestigious online training systems I have found and I have been part of many “training systems”.

The secret behind EMP is that it teaches you the foundation of online marketing. There are certain key components you need if you want to generate leads and build your MLM using the internet.

1. Learn how to drive traffic

2. Learn how to create a capture page

3. Learn how to follow up with your leads (email marketing)

4. Create your “online real estate” called a blog

5. Access to a community that helps you.

And all these tools are given to you when you join Elite Marketing Pro. No added cost… just part of the system. The owners of EMP want you to succeed!

Heck, I want you to succeed in your business. That is why I teach and train this system to 100’s of network marketers. I believe that if we crate enough successful network marketers, we change the world, the economy, and take back our lives.

I believe in the network marketing industry and the success that is possible. So by using Elite Marketing Pro and teaching it, I know I am contributing to the trust and believe that you can build your MLM business. But it begins by having the right tools.

Success with EMP in 60 Days

The first month that I joined Elite Marketing Pro I made a commission of $120. That showed me right off the bat that this system works.

But I didn’t want success just for myself… I wanted to be able to teach my team and others how to create success.

So my EMP partner and I created a 60 Day Fast Start Training. We have proven without a shadow of doubt that you can start generating leads and getting into profit with EMP in 60 days or less.


Elite Marketing Pro Testimonial


Today I want to give this same 60 Day Fast Start training to you. But the only way to access it is to join Elite Marketing Pro. Because we wrapped this training around the best marketing system on the planet. (at least in my opinion)

But I will say this… learning this system is not enough, you have to take action also, which is why you will have weekly action assignments to complete. This gets you into action and those that take action, even imperfect action, get results.

Honestly… I am bent on help at least 100,000 network marketers use this system successful to start building their mlm. Learn how to promote EMP and you master the training to promote and build your MLM. They go hand and hand.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me via email: Katrina@thechefkatrina.com or Facebook.

I look forward to your success and helping you achieve your goals in your network marketing opportunity. Click Here to Get Started With EMP

If you got value from today’s post or know anyone that could use this system, please share on social media using the media icons below or to the left. You ROCK!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    9 replies to "Does Elite Marketing Pro Really Work For Network Marketers?"

    • Hello Katrina, I’m still new to Network Marketing and your tips will help me a lot, I know I’m a beginner, but I’m very dedicated to learning. Thank you.

    • sharon mcclain

      Hi, Katrina. Thanks for sharing your effective elite marketing tips. But I want to know, how can I make money or increase more sales by network marketing?

      • Katrina

        Hey Sharon, By learning the skills to market,Elite Marketing Pro helps you target those that want to join you and your business. It is by increasing your value that you attract other to you and your business.

    • Brawn Thompson

      So many important tips in this post, for days I was and am looking and researching about network marketing, I am most novice know that their tips will help me .. thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        Hey Brawn, Always a pleasure to share what is working. If you have any questions just let me know.

    • Jaye Carden

      Your question and answer in your video is correct. My team is full of people from other companies and uplines, who were not getting the value and came to me and joined. Happens every week. You brought up a great point and it really needed to be told!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Jaye! I always value your feedback and insight. You are an amazing leader my friend. πŸ™‚

    • Jeff Beeman

      So many great things to say about this post but I would be writing another Blog post basically repeating what you said. … Learn it, Apply it, Teach it …and others will follow. ~ EMP is the Online education you must have to stay on track rolling down the worlds information super highway.

      • Katrina

        Love your comment Jeff! Rolling down the information highway! πŸ™‚ Thank you for commenting and creating amazing blog posts yourself. A true leader to follow! πŸ™‚

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