Elite Marketing Pro Home BusinessYou could have the best product and/or service in the world but if know one knows about it, do you still have a business?

I have been in the home business industry for about 2 years now and I if there is one thing I know for sure… Marketing is key to the success of any business.

Whether it be word of mouth, social media, print, radio, or blogging… if you are not marketing your business, your business doesn’t really exist.

For those that don’t know, back in 2011 I had the privilege of owning a Wing Restaurant. I thought I could run this business because I was a Disney trained chef and I thought I had a pretty good idea of how to run a business.

And I did.

I could write a menu, do food cost, train the culinary team, manage schedules, and my business partner took care of the front of the house. We were a great team. We had ambition and a drive to make this restaurant a success.

The ingredient we were missing… how to get butts in the seats? How did we get more customers in the door? How did we market ourselves and what made us different from the wing franchise down the road?

Neither of us had any formal marketing training. We thought we understood it. We of course ran Groupon, which we lost more money than we made. We had 3rd parties come in and promise to drive traffic to our business.

But none of it seemed to be working and 9 months after we opened the doors… we closed them.

Thus began my intense drive and passion to learn about the practical side of marketing. I didn’t want to go to school and get a marketing degree. I wanted to learn what a business owner could do right now today to gain exposure for their business without spending hours learning it and going broke in the process.

Enter Elite Marketing Pro

I was first introduced to Elite Marketing Pro back in April of 2013.  I received an email from Tim Erway about how he was creating a marketing system that would teach you how to market any product or service. The coolest thing about this marketing system is that you would get paid to learn.

That’s right… Elite Marketing Pro would pay you to learn how to market.

This was a revolutionary concept to me and one I had to jump on board with. I know and trust Tim Erway. I figured if there was anyone better suited to learn from, it would be him. He is the teacher behind some of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry.

What Tim knows about marketing and putting systems and processes into place has helped him create 6 and 7-figure business. So when he launched Elite Marketing Pro… I went all in.

Elite Marketing Pro for Your Home Business

The marketing flow for any business is:

  • Traffic
  • Offer
  • Sales
  • Follow Up
  • More Offers

When you first start with Elite Marketing Pro, you begin with the process of learning to drive traffic to an offer. Since Elite Marketing Pro has proven offers that convert to sales, it only makes sense to market their training system. This will help you understand the process of marketing.

This is how you get paid to market. If you can learn to marketing Elite Marketing Pro, you can learn to market any product or service. One you learn the system, you just remove the product and insert yours.

elite marketing proStep 1. Traffic – learn how to create traffic that wants what you have to offer

Step 2. Traffic – Do you want your ROI to be fast or slow? Meaning do you have a budget to advertise?

Step 3. Traffic – Think about who would benefit from learning how to market their business.

Step 4: Traffic – Insert yourself into the process. This can be done through emails, social media, or video.

Step 5: Traffic – Tweak, Tweak, and Tweak some more. Refine, learn, and start getting leads and making sales.

Learning how to market in today’s market is key. More and more people are turning to the internet to get their information. They either want to be educated or entertained.

As a home business owner Elite Marketing Pro allows you to invest in the skills of learning how to market without breaking the bank and with the opportunity to earn as you learn.

This type of education isn’t found in college, it’s found online, in the trenches, with those that are using and teaching these marketing methods.

Elite Marketing Pro is a marketing system with tools and resources that are timeless. What you learn with Elite Marketing Pro are the strategies. The technical side of online marketing changed daily but the strategies of marketing online are timeless.

What works today, will work tomorrow because the system and process are timeless. It’s the foundation of marketing. Everything else it built off the foundation.

So as a home owner you get…

System Tools:

  • Capture Page Builder
  • Done For You Blog – customize to your business or product
  • Coaching with a 6-figure certified business coach (included)
  • System that does all the follow up for you (emails, webinars, phone calls [U.S. only], direct mail… and more)

Plus, as a personal bonus, when you join Elite Marketing Pro, you also get access to my Team on Fire Mastermind. This is my private marketing mastermind group. Here you will get support and meet other home business owners like  you that are using this system. This is a sough after mastermind and the only way in is by you clicking on Elite Marketing Pro.

I am truly bent on helping more home business owners succeed. I believe that you are the future of the our economy. With a strong home business base, we can change the world, get back time freedom and create more jobs.

But it is going to take work and a commitment from you. Are you willing to commit to your success? Do you want to learn the skills to grow and expand your business? Than don’t waste another minute and get started with Elite Marketing Pro today.

If you know of any home business owner that would benefit from reading this post please share.

I have a questions for you… What is your biggest struggle with online marketing? Comment below.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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